Saturday, October 20, 2007

Victoria is Back!

When I moved I dragged my entire collection of Victoria Magazines to my current attic. My friend Jeanne carried them up the ladder in boxes and put them toward the back as I had considered dropping them off at the library and she astutely discerned my angst at parting with them. This week I received an issue of the new "Victoria" and love it!
  • They have a fashion section with the antique dresses of Tasha Tudor which will be put up for auction on Nov. 10/11 in New Hope PA by Witaker-August Auction Co. I adore Tasha Tudor and though I don't as often collect her kids books as I collect things about her, her Corgis and her life. She fascinates me! If only she were a Christian. Perhaps? She is in her 90's now.
  • Dessert Recipes: A Sideboard of Sweet Temptations with photos... oh so alluring!
  • Rebecca Rather - The Pastry Queen of and mmmmmn good treats
  • Alexandra Stoddard - A Room of One's Own- Grief she writes in longhand with special colored inks! I love it! Fantasy come true!
  • A New Book for Tasha Tudor lovers - Forever Christmas- $18.99 (Little, Brown and Co.)

Into each tawdry life some elegance must fall. Thank you Victoria for your take on elegance and beauty!

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