Friday, January 28, 2011


testing out picasa's a pic of Jack.
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Thursday, January 27, 2011


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Friday, January 7, 2011

After Christmas Continuations of the Season

Mom, John, The Larsons and myself went to Old Country Buffet the day after Christmas.

Gramma Evelyn gave Eliana a fuzzy lovey gift and a box for secrets.

Bella enjoyed her toys!

She was squeeking this one a lot.

Topsy Turvy Bella Loco!

A Pile of Loot!

Jenna had a pile too!

I am astonished at the melee!

Do I look perfect or what? I need someplace to go....

Warmth was a theme...

Oh Lord a fry pan so heavy it takes two hands to lift! I need to invite folks over for breakfast now!

Red is her color!

Do you think they will fit my feet?

Now for my Time with Mike and Family!

New Years Day fun! They had never done Crackers before. What a Snap!

Mikey got a yo-yo!

On to the galore from me, my friends and Jams. Those earmuffs were a definate hit!

Great minds think alike. Mike got two kinds of key finders...Mikey where did you hide them now???

I found a whimsical hilarious fantasy for Jessica. Hope it is a good read....

Mikey got a pillow pet too but he wanted to use the camera with mom.

The velcro was tricky as it has a safety so it doesn't stick to everything.

That child can chow the chocolate but not secretly...he leaks.

Mom and Dad went to the movies and I cuddled in bed with a sleeping boy and Eliana.

The best picture was of them visiting Jack. Love love love that he got to see them!