Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mistakes are easy, corrections get harder!

So, Jenna is in a blue funk. I mean, crying and silent, uncommunicative and without any realization of anyone elses' existance. I spoke to her best bud Sarah this morning about this and gave Jenna a hug from her as she won't answer her calls right now. Jenna cried in my arms as I gave her the message.
Oh my! Her uncle died and the family did not get ahold of her in time so she could attend the funeral. She is in pain from a fibroid tumor and an ankle sprain. She cried until she got a bad headache, when she is not crying she is sleeping. She talks in a whisper and I cannot hear her and for sure Jack cannot.
Would you prayer warriors out there please pray for her to come back into normalcy. I know she is angry and sad and maybe there is a bit of self-pity trying to take over too. I have to live in a very small house with her and she needs to get about being part of the team soon. She has no money that I know of and is in no shape to go out applying for jobs. Her Monday and Friday home health jobs don't pay much and every other week she gets two 2 hour cleaning jobs. I am trying to help her but she needs to help herself just like we all do. Move forward and paste on the positive and eventually it will be real! Journal all the pain and someday you can burn it or remember how God brought you through...
I did make her talk to me about the day in a normal voice. I said "Jenna, I need to know what your plans are for the day. If you do not know now think and I will ask again in 15 minutes."
She went outside under the tree and sat looking like Rodans "Thinker" and came in and we talked briefly. I just spoke to her on Jack's phone and she is giving him a shower now and then going out to mow the yard. I am the orchestrator of the home movement and I need to keep it going with my energy and authority or we will all sit around and cry because there is no food or clean towels!


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