Friday, October 26, 2007

Update on the home front

Am presently in Madtown with extra kids and some wanting special things so I am escaping for a moment to digest my week. Took care of the Peterson youngest 3 last night and this morning while mom/dad and Josh went on an adventure. I cannot believe that Joshua is going to be 13 this next week. Zowweeeee! Time flies.

Jenna saw a specialist yesterday and it looks like a surgery will be scheduled by Monday so she can get rid of some pain that keeps her grim. The silent treatment ended after I dealt with it in my own special way. It worked out okay then. I wish her all the best and am so grateful for the help she has given but want to encourage her to get well and get on the bus labled "maturity". So I try. Not that people have to be stuffy or religious or set in a routine and immoveable. No no that is not maturity it is creeping death. I want to see my friends growing toward peace with themselves and their story. Sometimes we get stuck and I hope I can be an encourager of those who are stuck ....... to get slick and unstuck with Jesus' help! Yeah!

Lunch with Jess was good, only the appetizer was really good but we visited Red Robin for old times sake and enjoyed catching up. Then we went to my favorite Goodwill to look for books and small things as gifts for the upcoming holidays. Jess found 6-7 tee's and was pleased. She and Mark are going to Wildheart tonight. Music is consuming! I love spending time with her and hope I can spend more before she takes off but it is coming up fast so perhaps no...She will be in St.Louis by next Sunday night if things so right.

Spoke with mom this morning and she seemed stiff and reluctant to really open up. Something is wrong there but I have no clue how to deal so will continue my M.O. of just keeping on and maybe it will pass. It could be me or it could be something else that is bugging her. I will just do my best to keep on being me and not let the ups and downs affect how I deal. Go Lyndee!

Had a nice lunch with Pam S yesterday at the Wooden Spoon in my town and the coffee was Ghostly Pumpkin or something but oooooh delicious! Quiche was good too, country veggie with mozzarella. The Chef there just lost his life partner to suicide from being an invalid but he continues to bake and cook like a top notch gourmet chef. We had a good conversation and made a plan about how to help someone come to maturity.

My other Pam (W) is off to Milwaukee to see her baby grandaughter for the first time. She will come back with pictures and stories! Yeah! I wish her the best. I miss my kiddies! But then if you cannot love the kids you want then love the ones you have nearby! Good plan lady!

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