Monday, June 27, 2011

From Very Sick to a Bit Better.

Well, he is better... However I am fully aware it is a day to day thing. He also has made it known to myself and to Pam Weeden that he is tired of living like this and wants to go to heaven.

This was a week ago.

After some antibiotics he perked up a bit.

Jenna tried to tickle him on his ears. He actually laughed 3 times this day!

I give him a kiss often to remind him I care.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hard but Important Times

Jack's daughter and son in law came from Nebraska to visit. The weather was poor for the whole three days but they got to visit with me and see Deb's dad (precious Jack) even though it was a hard time for him. He has been running a fever and just sleeping a lot, eating little and hardly moving except for small position changes. They saw the working of Hospice and the Care Facility and even Care Wisconsin as their nurse came and spent some time. Jessi came again today and they were able to connect very positively. Today was a party to honor fathers. Jack had no idea. He slept through it.

Except for a few wiggles and kicks with his legs this was how he was the whole day.

Deb works in an assisted living place in Nebraska and has for at least 9 years. She is always very helpful in her assessments and ideas for her dad.

They had a bit of a picnic even though we had to stay indoors.
He held Jessi's hand hard in his grasp earlier even though his eyes only opened for a few seconds. She said his grip was very strong.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Peonies remind me of my gramma. She was my favorite person as a child. So I always love to have Peonies growing in my yard. Gathering the sweet fat blossoms to make a bouquet is a splendid lush feeling. I shake them for the ants that may be hiding in them and then put them in a vase to enjoy for a day or two.

A view in natural light

Peonies with the flash

Splendid flowers. I think Martha Stewart loves them too. She has tons of varieties and I have just the old fashioned. Two bushes of white, one of pale pink and one hot pink and all lovely.

Sunday BBQ

Pam is eating cake! Jeff turned 51 on June 14th so they celebrated early with the BBQ and lots of relatives and friends.

Jeff grilled all the Brats and hot dogs for us all. Now it was his turn to eat!

Jenna and I sat with Jeff's daughter and daughter in law. The kids milled around during the eating but soon were off to do kid things.

Pam quick ran in and did some dishes. She likes to stay right on top of the messes.

Soon all were out playing bean bag in the yard. A relaxed and fun time for all.

A Late Night Visitor!

Tap tap tap on my door. Who is it? All the doggies, the visiting ones and mine are barking like hounds on the hunt. Here came Amberly and Jocie. I crowned her with heart antennae. She was a bit put off at first. She couldn't remember me and then learning the names of all those dogs. Bella, Joey, Cami oh my!

I crated the crazy Joey who was very interested in jumping up on my little visitor. He settled right down as if to say. Well, alright then. No fun with you guys.

I found a doggie for her to play with that didn't jump at all.

She got happier and more animated as time went along. When asked if she wanted to go home, after tea and almonds to snack upon, she had definite ideas of staying.

Even in my small house there are places to explore. C'mon Mom C'mere!

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Gypsy in Me

I should like a modern day Gypsy wagon~ Let me roam the country having adventures....

This one is available from Mary Jane Farms for under $8000 and they teach you how to back it up before the deal is sealed.

This one would be lovely fixed up with screens in the back yard so when the mood strikes I can go sleep under the trees. The grands might really enjoy a backyard adventure.

Now here is a romantic looking Gypsy. Hmmmm?

I think I have what it takes to be a part time Gypsy who loves Jesus and does not tell fortunes.....but carries the Gospel here and there. Oh yah!