Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fall is finally really here!

Yesterday I took Jack on a long meandering ride around to look at the fall leaves and it was so pretty. I was looking for Sugar Maple Trees and really when we found them I would have had to climb a fence and go by cows to get some leaves for my Life Connection class. So even though the story was of Sugar Maples we used regular red and yellow maple leaves for our waxed leaves project. Jack even thanked me for taking him. One night last week he complemented the dinner too. I told him I liked how he was acting and he was glad I noticed. But then today came and he turned the air conditioner on with the heat still up to the top and I asked him not to. That started a hum-dinger of a discussion. Phooey! I felt bad today as my sinuses are acting up and I ache all over but cannot find a place to be away from the noise of my life. So back to the road and the pretty leaves with music playing and a cuppa tea. Yeah!

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