Friday, August 29, 2008

Beck will be 3 on Sept. 1

Yeah my sweet little grandson is growing into a pre-schooler! I love this age. This summer Jack and I has the joy of visiting him and his spunky sister for 5 days. We also enjoyed their sweet parents but the kids have a way of stealing the show to say nothing of your heart. Beck has moments of great challenge when Grampa had to share his bedroom and whenever he would laugh or cough. Beck would tighten up his face and say "I no like it!" but eventually they developed a relationship where they played simple things together and talked an early morning conversation which neither of them could translate but it satisfied their sense of comraderie. I enjoyed watching them interact and of course helped manage the moments so to speak. Once a nanny always a nanny...
Beck was always excited that I would bring him "present". So he would ask me about the presents often and I always give lots of books so he called the books "present" as he carried some around. I found these lovely big grey elephants at Kohls and got Evie and Him each one but he found it challenging to receive. Elephants were not something he thought were cuddly. Later I saw him carry it around but it took awhile for him to "love" the thing. Oh well, win some lose some and all the responses are fun for gramma. I never insist that kids hug me or love me before they want to. I am the far-away gramma and spend so little actual time with the kids that I seem like a fantasy person as does Grampa Jack. We simply have to accept the position with grace and enjoy all we can. I love them and am excited to learn of their accomplishments.
Once thing I sure enjoyed about our visit was Beck playing the drums in uncle Brennen's room. Dad was overseeing but you could see he was a natural. I do see similarities between him and his daddy for sure.
Happy Birthday Beckaroonie! I love you tons and so does grampa. We cannot wait to see you again and enjoy your latest accomplishments and mannerisms. A box will arrive but late. I do that because I need to wait til I get money but also I remember my far away gramma sending boxes long after the event and it was so fun, a celebration in itself and just for me! Hope he feels the same.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Calamity Averted

Today I got a call from my dentist saying I could get my crown installed this afternoon instead of next Tuesday. I agreed and then rearranged my schedule to fit it all in. I was headed out the door when Jenna clearly heard the word "Calamity" and began to pray against it and to text me. I happened to hear something on the radio that pertained to us so called her before she could send the text. She told me to pray against calamity and be alert. I hung up and before one block the Sauk Count Aging Van sped out of a sidestreet not stopping until I was upon it. We both hit the brakes and averted an accident. I went on to the job I had to do. Pulling in the driveway the trailer owners were just leaving. I waved them on and went in. Their dog was nutso so I slipped the collar on and booted him out but could smell something burning. I wondered if they had cooked and burned something. I needed to go start the laundry but instead I investigated the kitchen. I found the Lean Mean Grilling Machine plugged in, set on high with paper toweling in it. As I opened it the spark lit the towel which was already charred. The grease catcher was still under the machine with grease in it. I stopped a fire which would have taken out the trailer in minutes. I have seen how fast mobile homes burn. Oh how true that song 3rd Rock from the Sun is...but God was in this and we were listening so the trap of foolishness and/or the enemies hatred for Christians could have borne disaster today instead Calamity averted! Praise God!

Friday, August 22, 2008


I am missing my kids and grandkids tonight. Jessi Lynn way down in GA where I have never even been and likely won't get to go very soon due to money and responsibilities. Lance and Jamie with her starting a new job and them establishing their new marriage in Nashville. Ira and Ashley with her starting school and a busy family to tend and a living to make. Sigh. I live near Mike and Jessica and often cannot make the connection to visit. They are busy living their life and I am managing mine as best I can. My heart is connected to my kids and their kids and their mates and their lives and jobs and needs but I am also very tied down and constrained. Oh for the red sports car and the dog in the back seat with the top down and the trunk full of gifts. I am far from my early fantasies but they haven't been forgotton in the melee of my life. I still picture that "Auntie Mame" existance I once sought. Isn't it funny how life turns out? I have strings holding me back but my mind still plays with the fantasy. What is your fantasy left behind? Go ahead and tell me. I went first. Ha!

Beck nailed her with a glass of water

I miss my grandbabies!

Things are out of joint...but for God

It seems no matter which direction I turn something is wrong. My own situation has stresses galore and many of them are financial. Digging out of a pit is one thing but with one hand tied behind your back and no shovel is another. Sigh. I have many others around me that have intense problems at present as well. Many health and financial issues are abounding to say nothing of the issue of disasters. Car accidents, floods, job losses, downsizing, sin and the ravages of remorse, choices and many of them seem the right choices but then the payment for those choices comes.
I throw myself onto the altar and ask God to guide and help me undo the knotty problems one day and one step and one decision at a time. He alone is faithful. Humankind is frail and only when God enters in is there any hope. My hope is in Him.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Dreaded Diet

So Folks who want to know...I am on the "healing diet" that my chiropractor is encouraging for those of us who have pain from inflammation. I do and I am seeing some results already. The scale has shown a 10 pound drop and my pain is lessened slightly. The premise is that my body does not utilize grains well and so my body produces inflammation as a response so out came all grains. I may add some back at a later time in moderation when I have been without pain awhile. The other thing that had to go is sugar in all forms including fruit. The deal is I have had Candida for some time and with my cravings I never really got rid of it. This diet covers that as well. So...I am happy to be sticking to this. I can still eat out for breakfast or a steak/chicken breast and veggies and a salad. But since I can hardly afford to eat out much I am not tempted much. The sugar craving has greatly lessened and since I want to be done with pain I am not too tempted to indulge in fruit. We can have some blueberries but they are low glycemic. I am avoiding the desserts of life just now and have coffee or tea when I need a treat. The other day I went out digging Chickory so I could roast and make Chickory coffee, a healthier kind with excellent flavor and no aroma or caffeine but worthy of a late night sip. Will let you see the wonderful results and keep you updated with future comments.

My Birthday Celebration #1

We went to watch Josh and Lizzie at the Cal Center in Seusizms and they were from Whoville I think...then later went to Star Cinema and watched Mama Mia for the 1st time. Since then I have seen it again and would rush for a 3rd if the opening came...After that we all went out to The Cheese Factory where I indulged in a birthday delight. What a fine first celebration. I was with Jack and the Peterson family and Jenna Lu. Fun!

The blush is on this rose for sure! Such a beautiful rose garden!
Pam went with us to the Butterfly Celebration at Olbrich Gardens in Monona WI! She loves plants and butterflies plus she pushed Jack around in the wheelchair so it was easier on me. Whew! Nice job! I loved it and my headache went away. (It would go away permanently if I could figure out how to get the pictures normal sized.)

They had many garden settings at Olbrich Gardens and we enjoyed the water affects. Lovely flowers everywhere and many butterflies hatching in the rainforest area!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

more good stuff

Jamie's Blog is fabulous! go there :)

the best thing ever

My lovely daughter and her sweet husband!