Sunday, September 30, 2007

If Walls Could Talk

Karah's voice came from the back bedroom. "Come and see what Eliana did!" There was a note of panic in her pitch. I went back and discovered some interesting 'signature' designs I had seen on previously presented parchments. This time she had decorated a whole wall only unfortunately this is not gramma's house! Oh Lord!
Magic Eraser time!

Torment and Encouragement

I listened to her speak. Her words bit like scorpions. They may not have been meant for me but you see she came from me and she will always be in my heart. I wondered if her new life was easing the pain inflicted unneccessarily by clumsy and selfish ones. Those who hurt me too, a lifelong process of telling me I was not quite good enough..the same thing has occurred but with violence and a bad ending. Mine was like putting a lobster in a pot and then bringing it to a boil but you see...I am not a lobster so I leaped from the kettle screaming. Would I have noticed had my daughter not been so maimed and misaligned by them? I do not know but that only increases my pain. But those words came spilling out how mistrust came from the blow which rendered her damaged.
I lay all night figuring how I could somehow confront in such a way these as to bring about repentance???? How could I stir their hearts to realize their cruelty and guilt? How could I show them how their judgements have caused a life to be scarred and one heart torn and bleeding and two others made numb from the pain....
Do I trust God with this? Oh yes I do, but when the pain comes it brings torment. I do not sleep, I do not breathe deeply, I moan and I cry hot quiet tears for what is lost. I know what my grandmother felt losing Helen. I seek to lose myself in my prayers for her, for them. My greatest desire would be that they see and turn from their heartless actions.
They would wonder how I could say heartless when giving still takes place for others but I say heartless. I too was the victim of denial. But only my body was abused, my emotions were torn but my heart lay untouched waiting for the Savior to come and raise me from the betrayal. I have been redeemed from my pain...but tell me how does a mother watch the same actions that took her down the road of rebellion and guarding her heart become ok with it happening in yet another form to her own flesh and blood.
Wake up! Oh foolish ones awaken from your stupor and repent. I will pray and I will prod and I will cry until it is made right. God help me walk my part out. Turning my back on you would not make this alright. NOthing but a change will do. A change in your selfish positions of righteousness that stinks like old rotton flesh. God move heaven and earth to bring them from this carnage.
My daughter is precious and a blessing to me and I refuse to accept this as final. I am encouraged by my own determination to see this end better. I am encouraged by my God who redeems and forgives sin. I am encouraged as I look at the beauty of my children and grandchildren. There is always hope even in torment.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Terrible Long Day with One Wonderful Perk!

Opened my mailbox and found an unusual thing... a note from loved ones in St. Louis and a tiny little brag book full of the cutest pictures. After the 2 days I just had this was one big bonus that faded all the other irritations. I am blessed!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


So my patience was for today! D E came over and set up my wireless router so I can use my laptop from anywhere in the area! I am thrilled! It has taken forever to get my room in shape I could have someone come in and actually set it up. I am tickled pink! If I were home I would be on it but I am not so I am on S's!

Now if I can just get used to using the silly fingertip thing instead of a mouse...but you can get used to anything right???

Am still in Madtown helping S as she simply cannot lift Tisha out of crib or anywhere. She won't go to urgent care as she thinks it is just a sprain but wants to get a wheelchair and have it here for these times..nurses know what is best right? Well they are stubborn about getting medical attention and I can relate to that as my thumb is still a live wire after 2 weeks. These things will teach us something. It taught me to take care of little things the correct way soon so they do not turn into a big thing and interupt all my plans...Oh well, plans are made to be changed if you ask me. Still we must have our plans, hopes, dreams and schemes. I am about to go read with kids to improve their skills. We were in the car way toooooo long with Tisha so she will be up til the cows come home...

By the way got to practice cutting hair on S today. Can't say I am any better than I ever was though. She insisted or I would have begged off. I only do a few basic butcher jobs...just ask my daughters! She is now wearing the newest style called a "bob". It is slightly longer than my other style called a "butch"!

Three times in One hour?

So today I was to come to Madison and help S so she could do in-services at work and then take an evening shift. So I hurried and when I arrived I found her on the phone cancelling her shift as she had fallen and sprained her ankle and it was beginning to swell.

Then the school called and Karah had fallen off the monkey bars and they were going to put her arm in sling so she could stay at school and still feel cared for...

Next, within 5 minutes, Jenna called to tell me that Jack had fallen over his blanket and shoes again but was okay.

S is in much pain and has to use a walker to walk and Jack seems unhurt (I called and checked after about an hour.) Karah is still at school and they haven't called back so I assume she is doing okay. question in do these things happen in three as the superstitions would have it?

I don't know but just in case that is wrong would the rest of you please watch your step?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pestilence Sucks!

Warning: Read this blog at your own risk...grave danger of itching ahead...

Oh, How yucky it is to discover the children you are caring for have a dread condition. I remember daycare blues with LICE but this is a first for me: dreaded "scabies". I have no bumps but oh Metrie has a regular camp of them in areas indelicate, as well as all other general areas. S got a "grande" case of them as well and we are treating all and warning others who may have been exposed to the nasty skin burrowing critter. Now you do not need to read this blog if you have not been here but if you have then read on...

The medicine is available only by prescription but if you have a doctor or pediatrician just telling them you have been truly exposed my get you the deal... Permethrin cream which you apply to all areas from chin down and including between toes and fingers then leave on for 12-14 hours and wash off. It is a runny 'easy to apply' cream and does not feel wierd or gooey. All in household should be treated. The incubation for scabies is 4-6 weeks so just when you have totally forgotton is when the bumps appear.
Please look this up online (listed to the right) for a scare that ranks alongside "Halloween the Movie" but in real life they are just itchy bumps that you should not let go for a minute as they burrow and reinfect a new area leaving ich and a trail. 10-20 Scabies will wreak havoc on your body and that is normally what you get.
I am sad to be the one sending this news to you but better facing the dragon than ignoring it. Nasty stuff. Anyone can get it but do not mention it to the "general public" or they will run screaming and health officials will appear from the woodwork asking you if you are a responsible adult and treating this 'anyone can get it' type scourge. Humbly I venture forth imploring you to do pre-treatment as prevention of the full blown deal.

I have a sinus thing going on so today is my down day here in Madtown. I am cleaning the house very slowly paying kids to h elp with small change and taking much oregano oil, V-C and Virastop as well as acidolpholis. By the way...I caught this virus from 30 people who exposed me (sneezing, coughing and touching me with virusy hands) but luckily do not have to call everyone who might have been in my presence for the last 48 hours. Blah!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dinner for 10 plus Conversation

What a wonderful day! Even though I haven't felt top notch lately I really wanted to take care of Eliana so Mike and Jessica could get out and have a "movie date". So they came and Eliana was fun and we did well most of the time. They did tell me to have her take a nap...well you can lead a horse to water but this place is simply too new and full of toys...she did well to lay down and have me read to her.
Later Mike and Jessica returned and it was good. Supper finally got prepared (am sometimes sidetracked...) and Peggy came with her girls. I did have to run over to Madison to pick up Metrie from his grammas...but that was fast. The whole evening was semi wild and generally entertaining after that. Kids here there and everywhere and great conversations went on in the living room. I missed some but that's okay someone had to break up potentially bad things in the back room and keep some semblance of order in the kid chaos. Mike says I am controlling like that...and he is right on! If it escalates too high someone ends up hurt so I was the troubleshooter.
Tisha loved the interactions and danced her way through the evening in the midst of us all. Everyone is getting used to each other and there is less attention paid to differences. Jordan did take a liking to Mike and bugged him every chance she got. He teased her when he wasn't ignoring her and that was perfect to keep her at full attention...
Karah was kind enough to send one of her babies home with Eliana to come back in two weeks when I am again able to babysit for my grandaughter joyfully. She left giving hugs and smiling.
I am content.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Tisha Tasha Misha Masha

Oh, it is exciting to excape my regular life of Church Secretary, Wife and the one who holds it all together and come to Madtown and become "Nanny Extraordinaire" for 3 very special kids. When I arrived I carried in all my belongings for the 3 days and checked in with S before she left for work. She noted that Tisha was now not wearing her helmet regularly. She was still napping so I had to wait for the surprise. Her hair was trimmed shorter! And she is in a new stage where she clings and likes affection and holding. I saw that one coming and it is a developmental advance. The therapists are ready to give Tisha one more choice on her communication board as sometimes 2 choices are just not enough. Go Tisha Tasha! Now if we could just tempt the child to eat real food...The other kids are doing well too, enjoying school and maintaining some healthy rivalry at home. It is all good!