Sunday, October 21, 2007

Last night was a fun time with Eliana Rane!She arrived at around 7:30 PM and went home at 4 AM. She actually did not sleep until around 1:30 AM. I hoped she would sleep in while her parents needed to sleep after being out watching Jessi Lynn's show last night in Spring Green. We played and read books and made up stories and made toast, ate cereal and fruit along the way.

My theory is to get to know the child and develop trust before imposing rules that seem almost more than they can bear. She obeyed me about what part of the house she was to stay in and being quiet when Tisha and Karah were sleeping. She cooperated and was most pleasant to be with. I liked the silly games we came up with. We watched Iron Chef -Eggplant together. How enjoyable was that??? After Mike called and said they were going out to eat I simply turned out the lights and called her into my bed to rest with her toys. Once she got quiet even though reluctently she immediately fell asleep.

She is truly a special child with an amazing imagination and a strong will but a pleasant spirit. Of course I will find all that is wonderful about all my grandkids and treasure those things but even the negative things may work in their favor as Romans 8:28 says it will for those who love God and are called according to His purpose. Yeah!

So I look forward to creating relationships with my grands! Each one is uniquely created in the image of God and with His marvelous love of variety. Eliana has her father's resistance to sleeping when anything else is going on. Her sense of humor is gentle and kind. Beck seems drawn to physical activities around the ever present "Balls" just like his daddy did. He is a bit of a clown too. I sense Evie is mama's shadow and will be a lover when you finally win her heart. But these are just things that Gramma thinks from what she is able to discern in short amounts of time with these precious grands. Being a gramma is a delight!

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