Sunday, October 21, 2007

Call to pray!

Hello Morning! I squinted for sure when I realized my sleep was done and kids were expecting to go to church. Checked my phone and found a message that brought me sorrow and caused me to begin to pray. My friend Hatiatu from Africa has been detained in Minnesota with an ankle bracelet and awaits deportation which will lead to her death if God does not intercede. Hatiatu is from a Muslim country where she is married to a muslim. Hatiatu is a Christian and her husband has the legal right to have her killed or kill her himself for not recanting Christianity and returning to the muslim religion.
Last night I had Eliana while Mike and Jessica attended Jessi Lynn's last show for the year in WI. I was up late and so tired but I knew I needed to go to church and take Metrie and Kar. When I got there the spirit of God was strong in the worship and the annointing was on the speaker. He called out people to stand if they had need of healing and prayed, then addictions and prayed, then finances and prayed before he began to speak. I stood for my need in faith. Then he had us turn to 2 Chronicles 20:1-23. This was the story of Jehoshaphat and bears reading when you feel you cannot win in your own strength against a strong enemy. He talked about the 4 positions that Jehoshaphat took and how he heard from God. It was good! It led me to think of Hatiatu and her position against a strong impossible situation that the devil has imposed upon her.
I ask any of you that pray to pray strongly for God to intervene in this situation. Hatiatu is greatly gifted by God. He has a plan for her and I do not want it cut short! I am certain she does not either!So I cannot wait to see what God will do if we all petition Him for Hatiatu...

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