Sunday, May 29, 2011

Out Back....and I don't mean Australia

This view is from my shed looking across the new burn pit that has not been tested yet. Note I have put my patio table out back this year and the umbrella won't be for sun but to keep the potential of ticks dropping out of trees. I did find one on my old dog who lived out there for 5 years so I want to be alert to possibilities. Do you see the Bridal Wreath bush on the back of the house? I remember a bush like that at my gramma's house in La Valle long ago. We used to play wedding with old curtains in front of that old bush. Kids are fun. If they come to gramma's house now that I have the honor I want to have curtains and other dress up clothes for them to pretend with. Such fun!

I had Jenna put up the post for a bird feeder several years back. We couldn't figure out how to build it so last fall I found a fun yellow feeder at a sale. It was well used but then so am I so it deserves to keep on and feed those birds. They have found it and are telling their friends as well! I have black sunflower seeds in the glass one hanging off the side and I put a tinkly wind chimes on it as well. Bella is not sure she wants the birds eating out of it. She stands rather alert and looks as if she might take action when she sees them.

Jenna's dad had an old gas station on his property and they knocked much of it down. Some of the cinder blocks were in good shape and so we hauled them to my back yard for a burn pit. Due to the shape of the blocks I made it into a rectangle rather than a circle. I think is should be lovely!

Near the bird feeder is my stone bird bath. I do have to carry the water from the back of the house unless I get a longer hose, but I don't mind. I put a pot of flowers and a mini fence around it to match the bird feeder. I am not done decorating yet but I have gotten a great start. Of course now the backyard must be policed for doggy doo every day or so. No one wants to spend time out there with Vicks up their nose to stand the smell. I do have Vicks for the ultra sensitive though.

I hung a birdhouse on the fence. I already have birds nests in my eaves.
Don't my Lilacs look like they are going somewhere at last. The back yard lilacs are protected and are twice as tall and bushy as the front yard ones.
So for now I am well satisfied.

Yard Candy

Out Front

I love the new Driftwood grey that Jessi painted the fence and deck and it was fun to use all the planters I had left from the last several years and fill them again with flowers and herbs. I do love setting a scene both inside and out! Would you like to sit on the porch with me and read your Bible in the morning? Sounds delightful to me. A few citronella candles to keep away those pesky skeeters and a cup of Irish Breakfast Tea or Coffee for you. Now that is a picture I could paint.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Visit with My Grands and a Reunion.

My daughter in law Jessica is going down to Nashville to help my daughter Jamie who is having a struggle keeping food down and maintaining hydration in her pregnancy. So I wanted to see the kids as they could be gone for a month or longer. Jessi Lynn had been up to my place helping me with a ton of projects. So she wanted to see the kids too. Off we went after visiting Jack in the Dells. We were both tired from 2 long days of tote that barge and paint that wall....She had not seen the kids for a long while so it would be a reunion. Exciting!

Eliana being seven when the camera comes out she makes a funny face. I love it!

Busy little man. He zoomed about like superman with his cape for awhile and after they had shown Jessi every toy that they could think of they began an art project.

She got into the project!

I cannot tell you how grateful I am that Jessica had it on her heart to support Jamie in this time of great need. Lance had recently taken time off for his knee repair and of course wants to have his family medical leave at the time the baby is born and I am wrapped up in caring for Jack so this was an answer to prayer.

I sat on the sofa with my legs up and watched. Taking the occasional picture with the packed suitcases as a backdrop. It was nice to converse with Jessica and let Jessi carry the ball with the kids. They all had fun and speaking for myself I am going to miss these weekly visits I have managed to have lately. They will be taller and smarter and more mature when I next see them no doubt!

My Garden.... The Easy

I had a great idea! I wanted a raised bed garden on my side yard. Last year the neighbors put one up with cinder blocks and I was unable to muster it. This year I whined a lot and got some help. I found a design in a magazine with lots of suggestions then Jenna and I went to Menards and got a guy to help us who showed all the possibilities with various types of lumber and even some ready made plastic kits. I decided and we got the lumber a week later. This first one is the result of a lot of work, some injuries, a call to diggers hotline and Pastor coming over and rescuing me when the injury stopped the work.

Later more barnyard dirt and some bags of potting soil got us to be able to finish the base. Jessi Lynn then helped me plant. I have added several more herbs since but here she was taking pictures after we planted. We even took the leftover barnyard dirt and put pickling cukes in 4 hills on the pile. I am such a dreamer!

Jessi and her Dad

He smiled for her when she held the camera and coaxed him a bit. That is a good sign.

These were taken in his room where we visited with him for awhile after spending some time outside on the patio.

Jessi was getting Joey to settle down so her dad could pet him.

He might get a lick if he is not careful. He makes terrible faces if the dogs lick him. Hilarious. It was a good visit.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Birthday at the Zoo

It was sunny and windy but I didn't care. I love the zoo but more than all the animals I loved watching Eliana and Mikey enjoy them. I loved the family feeling and the way my mom and John joined us for a short time. It was a gesture of love.

Eliana had a wonderful braid in her hair which helped her in the wind. Mom is good at those.

She is a beautiful little seven year old. I love her excitement and love of the animals. She likes the reptile building although I must admit she hated the cockroaches in a glass box. They were huge and ugly!

A bit of a 'stand up and see how I look' picture.

Daddy had his little guy and he sure enjoyed the sights.

At the end I brought the bag of gifts. She made quick work of the clothes and books but maybe got a kick out of the stuffed animal. She will enjoy the clothes more when she gets to wear them and I know she loves to read now that she can. I went home happy that our time had been a success!

A Wedding!

Here comes lovely Toni!

Pretty mama JoAnne

The groom awaits her!

The ladies were lovely and each a bit different. Nice!

Her brother was one of the groomsmen and her nephew was the ring bearer.
Her Uncle Keith was one of the officiating pastors and our own Pastor Clark Peterson was the other. A Lovely Wedding!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hello Mom!

Here mom is sitting at her magnifier. She reads all her mail with this contraption and writes letters or signs checks as she looks at the screen. It is a big help to her. Here she is labeling file folders I believe.

I snuck up on her! She didn't realize I was going to take the picture. However wasn't fast enough to take John's picture. He is illusive.
It was a good mother's day with them both. I did take mom a waxy yellow begonia but I forgot to take a picture of it. Use your imagination.

A Nice Visit!

After church on Mother's Day I drove south and went to visit my son and his wife and two of my 'grands'! Mikey and Eliana. They are totally fun and interesting. I did get some good conversation in with Mike and Jessica as well. It was a lovely afternoon and they fed me potato soup and salad before I left to go to Mom's. Yum!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Project: Cards and Stuff

I like getting and giving cards. However if you let the darn things pile up this is what you get. I have bags of them in the attic but this is the most recent. Maybe the last 5 years. I have started dividing them and have a plan.

The worst thing is the mess while you organize and I didn't really think this project through. I got a wonderful idea for a craft and knew I had to go through the cards. So....I dragged the bin out and tore into it in the morning. Now I have to set up a table in the studio and do it right. I want to find my table again.

New Glasses and Clear Vision!

Not a very good picture but you can see my new glasses and my smile. My hair is too short but next week it will be fine. Anyway these frames called my name and I had the old pink ones made into sun glasses. I am rejoicing that I can see better. It is good!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Choosing the Good and the True

A long time ago, about nearly 40 years or so, I stood with Jack at a small waterfall in Gilman Canyon, N.M. and we talked about his fears that I was choosing to love him when he would grow old before I did. I told him we would deal with that when the time came. Now we are. But I remember looking into his face and seeing my future. Now I think of that past time with affection and no bitterness. I love that man.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Buster and Bird at The Barrington

This Pug comes each day his owner works and spends time with the residents. This is Buster! Everyone loves Buster.

The Barrington has a bird. Bright and cheery this little guy is in a plexiglass cage for all to view.

This is a close up! It followed me and my camera around the cage as if to say... "Take my picture."

Jack is not smiling yet but he is watching me carefully and listening to what I tell him. I am asking him to be patient.

This is the open area, the kitchen is behind the wall and yet still open so all may feel a part of whatever is going on. The TV blares on with some asleep near it, in chairs on on the love seats. They have promised many activities but so far I only see a few playing cards or drinking coffee. They don't even have tea available. I went through all the cupboards and finally found a lone English Breakfast teabag. No creamer either. I shall have to buy some tea and creamer to keep there for me. I invited a lady named Katherine who was muttering down the hall that no one would talk to her, to have a cuppa with me and she said went surprisingly well. Short but very civil and that is not something you can assume with these residents.
Mike and Jenna went there when there was a violent take down of Jean by a resident named Violet. Scared Jack and made eyes pop. Finally it was taken care of. I haven't identified Violet yet but do know Jean well from before she was moved there. She does seem to try the patience of many. They all seem to like Jack so maybe if it takes awhile he will learn that he is liked!