Friday, October 5, 2007

A day in the life of a church secretary...waiting..

Today I got here prepared to be patient. Jack is cleaning the upstairs this week and I have some community service hours that need to be filled by Nick, a 14 year old who attends, so it will get done with supervision.
Jenna is moving to my sofa tonight so all her stuff has to be put in storage for the winter. This is a temporary situation to benefit us both. She is doing heavy stuff by herself as I have to be here to supervise this cleaning thing. Someone donated mega clothing for the plus sized woman so women are coming in and trying on the items offered for free...I am the 'salesclerk' who tells them if it looks good or not! I took a couple things and will try them on later. Pretty good chance they will fit at size 18. Most of the clothes are larger.
I am in the mood to see a movie but there is no time and the one I want to see takes no passes so I must wait...
Did you ever hear the comment "Kill the Messenger"? I am familiar with it just because I pass on messages to Pastor. Today the worship leader for this weekend who's name is Jody called to tell me after I texted and left messages - that she can't lead this Sunday as her teeth broke and no way is she standing up in front of church singing with no teeth. Interesting picture that brings forth...Oh my! So none of the other worship leaders can lead. I am out of town on Sunday to Milwaukee and so guess Pastor and Sue will have to do that too. Oh my! They are still in Springfield so I e-mailed them the report.
Jack and I went to the neurologist again yesterday and no new meds or anything. Just a wry face and the comment that Jack is just klutzy, not worse. Funny... but I still do not want to let him drive or go up and down stairs! He says I smother him but oh is what it is! He is up to 194 pounds now so picking him up after he falls is very difficult. T. V. watching is bad for the waistline.
Well, the mailboxes need filling so off I go... and a new outfit is being critiqued as I speak!

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