Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mind Your Head!

If only we would take our minds captive to Christ! This sign is a funny one but oh my it speaks to me deeply of how we are to take every thought captive as we go through a day. It would keep us from grumbling and complaining. It would keep us from slander and gossip. It would keep us from all the sins that plague us daily.
How can this be done? Mind your head, or take every thought captive, that is? We cannot do this without the Holy Spirit living in us and directing us. We cannot do this without surrender to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. It is a daily surrender. Some days my thoughts are rebellious before I even set my foot on the floor. The human condition takes over, the selfish thoughts begin unless I take the time to submit and release the resentments and small things that build up on the heart like barnacles on the hull of a ship, then my anger and resentment will grow all day.
I live a life of service at present. I serve my husband in every way and I serve another as a helper as well. I do not feel fit for the job...For many years I was a secretary to my Pastor. It was a good warm up for this present time perhaps, but oh my, this is humbling to me. In that position I had a small position of respectability, a badge of tiny honor. I had a congregation to draw from for volunteers to help accomplish the work. In this I stand nearly alone most of the time. Jenna is my only constant helper and I have the responsibility to not lean too heavily on her in my need. It would be easy to let her ignore her life for the needs that Jack and I have at present but then I get pulled up short as I realize I have been put in her life just as she has been put in mine. God is not ignorant of my plight and His arm is not short. He desires for her to learn functional relationships as well as having a servants heart. He desires for me to depend on Him alone in all things.
I am trying to walk this out even as "The Price is Right" is blaring from the bedroom and the dishes wait from last night and my old dog is having the last of warm sunshine in the back yard but "How do I keep him warm when I am in Madison?" runs through my mind as a huge question.
Someday I will stand on the mountain after climbing through the forest of my life and I will see what was going on in this struggle to obey and find the balance and maybe I will grasp what was truly being done in me by the path I walked. Someday maybe I will be matured by this stuggle but in the meantime I am admonished...
Lynda, Mind Your Head!