Saturday, March 26, 2011

We got Jessi's Package


My husband wearing the Los Ojos hat that Jessi Lynn got while touring New Mexico. This is where Jack and I met and fell in love.....
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Collage of the Weekend


My weekend with family. Loved it. Now am back to the lonely one day at a time struggle but the memories are poignant!
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A Kiss Waited for!


Gramma Love!
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Britt Turned One! Jack is sick...


My Joy and My Heartache
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Puppy Sitting for Frenchy Le Rue

This little guy has a big big voice. He never really shuts up for long unless he is sound asleep. Did I mention I have a headache?

A real cutey for sure. He is a tiny ball of fluff and howl. Jenna will feel like she has had a baby.

Bella does not know what to do with that little chewy critter. She is just unsure and I am not letting them have too much play time together until the little guy is more housebroken and Bella is used to having him around. He has little needle teeth and likes to bite and play.

I posed this wee fellar in my Rowe Pottery Crock. He was very good and didn't try to jump out. What a ham!

Staff Meeting at Our House

I arrived at 2 but they had already eaten. I brought the dessert which warmed and was welcomed by most. Yum! I avoided eating too much so the fact they had eaten just helped me stay light.

All staff was required to attend. The Care WI Nurse Cheryl Fry was most informative and was running a question and answer forum when I arrived and later Cheryl the director of Our House took over. The only residents roaming around were #4 (Jack)and #5 and later Frannie came out to get a pain pill.

Here Cheryl going over the long list she had prepared for discussion. #5 is overseeing and very interested in the proceedings.

Jack said he was doing well but I noticed he coughed a lot and just couldn't manage a smile easily. He did enjoy my apple dumpling dessert and one of the comments was about how he just ate constantly in his room. Do I know it!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Birthday Bash at Our House

They had him dressed up, shaved and wearing a fedora! He got happier as the cupcakes came with ice-cream and punch. He had double servings.

Jessi opened her little gifts....

The green polish went on right away. Then Sarah and Jessi sang some songs for all. A lot of Jack's housemates came out to enjoy the cupcakes Jessi and Sarah made and listen to the acoustic mini-show.

Jack got a biker hood to protect his skull from wild wheelchair antics.

We smiled for the camera and the end was near.

Jack went to his room to move around awhile but soon came right back out. When I took him into his room I said. "No snacks, you eat in 40 minutes and you just had double cake and ice-cream" then I went back out to the dining room. Soon he banged his way out there and I asked him if he got lonesome. He said, "NO! You put me in front of a cook show and I couldn't get the cashews open!" Then he laughed a lot. Go figure....that's my husband.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Early Birthday with Pam and Jeff

I had just arrived and settled into Jack's room when Pam and Jeff came in bearing gifts. A cotton blanket in a lovely green and homemade brownies frosted and all gooey. They also brought Gizmo as Jack has liked him a lot.

He could barely stand the wait. As soon as his blanket was open he reached for the brownies. He chowed down two while we watched and then I put them out of sight and promised he could have more later.

Jack was a bit sad today. He was thinking about his two brothers who had passed away, one in August and the other in December of 2010. Gizmo was the bright spot as he went from one lap to the other and then searched the room for any crumbs. Tomorrow is Jack's official birthday and Jessi is coming to help celebrate as it is her birthday as well. I have prayed that he will be in a better place and can smile more tomorrow.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Recipe of the Month: March Madness

This recipe is adapted from one shown on the Rachel Ray show. Mix up a jiffy mix of corn Muffins as directed. I used another brand and used coconut milk for the milk, olive oil for the vegetable oil and cage free organic eggs. Then I chopped a Jalapeno pepper finely and added that with 1/2 tsp black pepper.

Add 1/2 cup of sharp cheddar and 6 oz. Neutchafel or cream cheese cut in cubes. It cuts best very cold so put in freezer while you do the earlier steps.

Fold in and add water to thin to a good consistency. Pour into heated and buttered waffle iron. Cook 5 minutes or until brown.

Put a glass container of honey on top of the waffle iron to warm as the waffle cooks

Turn out the beautiful waffle and drizzle with warm honey. Enjoy!

1 box of Cornbread Mix
1 Jalapeno, seeded and chopped
Fresh ground pepper, to taste
6 oz cream cheese cubed
1/2 cup sharp cheddar
4 tablespoons butter to brush on waffle iron
honey for drizzling
May also be served with an over easy egg on top of each waffle for a brunch meal.

The Phone Calls I Dread

The phone rang at 8:45 and it was Cheryl the director at Our House. She told me Jack had fallen and had a goose egg on his forehead and that they were calling Hospice but had to send him to the E. R. as it was a head injury but he looked like he was okay. He did say his neck hurt but it had hurt before he fell. So later after talking to the E.R. nurse about him I learned they were doing several scans and a chest X-ray. By the time I got there I had to hold him on the guerney as he was trying to get upright. He was alone in the room. Someone finally came after I found the nurse call and they helped him stand and then they had me sign papers and I then transported him back to Our House.
Lunch was waiting so I fed Jack and they nicely brought me a plate of Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes, asparagus and a dessert too. I was starved so inhaled it, stayed a short time more and then went birthday shopping for Jack. He doesn't need much but am making him some nice bibs like I had found at a craft fair. I found some cheery material and towels and will create a pattern when I find my dining room table. It is still full of papers from the bill paying episode. All is well and am praying it stays calm!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Jessi and Sarah visit Jack

They just flew in from GA the day before to our frigid still winter weather. They will be here til a day or so after Jack and Jessi's birthday. Then off they go on their western tour.

Doesn't he look nice in green. Like a little leprechan I believe...

Just got my hair cut before coming over to see him. I look shorn but it feels good.
After we helped Jack eat soft tacos and pudding then we three ladies went to Famous Dave's and stuffed our tummies. It was a good night with lots of good conversation from ideas to perk Jack up to Charlie Sheen. LOL!