Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fun is Fun!

Everyone that I know has a differing opinion about what "Fun" is to them. I think many things are fun...watching a sunset, playing with a child, reading stories, scrapbooking, doing a project with a friend, rearranging, redocorating my house, cooking something special, getting ready for a party, shopping in a bookstore or a funky boutique, eating at a special place with a special friend, reading cookbooks, canning and lining up the jars, sketching on a warm, sunny day, walking the beach by the ocean when it is 70 degrees, listening to my daughter sing, singing praises to the Lord alone, taking a deep, hot bubble bath with tea to drink, getting a new copy of Victoria magazine, bringing flowers to a friend, giving gifts and wrapping them delightfully so the opening can be as fun as the gift, playing with my dog, watching "Dog Whisperer" and then trying out his techniques, blogging and adding pictures that enthrall, reading Ashley's blogs, looking at pictures of my grandkids, having a fun secret, exercising and seeing it work, painting a picture, writing a journal, reading just the right thing in the Bible when I am needy, sitting in the twilight thinking and planning, decorating for Christmas, spring planting of flowers and vegetables, the smell of drying spices in the house, hearing from a long ago friend and much more. Regular life is groovy! I don't mind the rough times and the drudge times as long as I can intersperse them with "Fun"!
It doesn't make losses less impacting but it does help me through those times.

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