Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Farmers Market in Nashville East.

We took a quick trip to the petting zoo, bought veggies for Pico which I made the next morning, took in the sights, bought a chess pie and Judah made short work of some lemon-aid.

Comment on this...

Shop til you drop....

We went to an old stove factory that is now an upscale shopping mall. I had so much fun. From art to ceramic pigs, from cute mice in a matchbox to some small items from one of my favorite artist and then a proper shopping lunch which Lance endured with only a single statement of how hard his macho self was being stressed. Fun! I was even held prisoner by a giant spider. Was released when a big fly flew in. Adventure at every turn in the tile.
His antics with Judah kept his testosterone level even...
Our estrogen levels ran low so we wanted an easy chair and a ride home. Nice work if you can get it.

The Rosepepper Cantina

Jamie, Judah and I met friends at the Rosepepper Cantina. Nice! Judah figured out how to use The Thomas train magnet with his forkl Then after being stuck on the highway behind a bad accident Missy, her lovely sister and mom joined us just before the kitchen closed for the afternoon. We had a lovely visit.

Madonna Image

Nashville Themed but with the Bomb!

Lunch next door to Fairytales where there was a Thomas the Train Table. We relaxed and enjoyed our lunch and eventually Judah ate something as well. This place was fun and cute. Simple menu and tasty food.

Fairy Tales: Toy Store

Jamie and Judah often go to Fairytales to Saturday morning story reading. So I went along and found they were having a special day, their 3rd anniversary. They had a wonderful day planned in their section which is fenced off inside the store. Ginger Sands was there to do her thing. She sang, dressed in costume, played guitar and had props. She included the kids and got them excited. I sang along as well.

Back to the City!

Home from camping! Hanging out at Ira and Ashley's. Jamie is all in.
Let's play trucks...
Getting right into it.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Camping part three

An innocent moment.

Judah idolizes his daddy. I like that.

Ira with Sasha and the kids. Sash had trouble walking at times, she is older and joints are painful but she gave it her all.

Auntie Jessi and Evie share a fireside moment.

Just what do you think is going on here? I could imagine a story to explain this scenerio.....

Camping part two

It was a lovely campground on a big peaceful lake. A few motorboats and sailboats putted or floated by.

Sasha, Ira and Ashley's yellow lab was in dog heaven and enjoyed every aspect of the camping.

Jessi carried both Britt and her camera gear on our hike to explore the lake edge.

Ira teaching his kids various aspects of the outdoor life.

Soon we will have a new camper to join the next years expedition.

Camping in Illinois with Three of my Kids and Grands-part one

Setting up camp.

The cabin...

Finally a meal!

Beck loves the outdoor life.

The chef and son-in-law extraordinaire!