Friday, June 18, 2010

A Sad Parting

Today I transported Jack to a place he doesn't want to be. It does seem somewhat dismal and he is upset being there. He is trying to cooperate with the staff and was open to hearing my explanation of what would happen there. He is there for at least 20 days of rehab as the next step from the hospital. He has a roomate named George.  The space is small, single bed and dresser, a walker with wheelchair in the hall. He has an alarm bed and a pad on the floor. His call button is looped through the metal rail on the bed for if he needs to go to the restroom. I took him 3 days worth of clothing and will be washing his clothes myself so that they do not disappear. They will get them marked tonight. I told him I would be back in the morning after Piggy had time to go out and not be an accident waiting to happen. He said "Where is Ira?" as if he should do that and when I said he is in St. Louis with his family he then said "Well, where is Jessi?" ...that explanation ensued.

I know this blow to the head and UTI and Pneumonia have stressed his body and his mind as well. I think he remembers some of his life but it has chunks missing. I do know this. The PT folks had him write a sentence and he wrote "I love my wife, Lynda." I sat beside him on the bed for awhile rubbing his back and he was almost asleep when I left. Part of me wants a break but my heart is breaking for him. I promised to love him and do well for him as long as we have a life together. I took the back way home and cried a loud mournful cry all the way here.

I hope tomorrow is better.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Jack has pneumonia but they are considering transfering him to a rehab nursing home for further healing. I will know tomorrow.

Tonight is Miss Jenna's personal shower and I must go find my camera and get the gifts ready. It is to be held at a lovely home and I am bringing nibble desserts.

I know Jack is safe as he can be while I am doing this event. My trust is entirely in My Heavenly Father.

Now to find my festive outfit and polish up my smiles!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Down and Defeated but only for Now

My cowboy has fallen and he couldn't get up. It required 3 women and an ambulance to get him cared for in the E.R. He was found to have a subdural hemotoma and is in the hospital receiving care and expected to go to a rehab facility in the week ahead. I am currently down with a sinus infection  but it will not keep me down for long. I expect to heal quickly and be a part of Jack's week. I have some more writings in mind but no time to continue until he is placed in rehab. Prayers requested if you are a praying person and good thoughts from the rest please. This is a temporary affliction!