Monday, October 29, 2007

Goodbye again!

Tonight Jack and I had dinner with Jessi Lynn before she went back to Madison and we hugged goodbye for the last time in 2007.
It is hard to be the parent of adult kids and release them to their destiny. I miss having Jessi with me. She has been so good for me. I miss her encouragement and her help. I miss her delightful ways. I miss living in a big house with a talented and energetic daughter. I lost all that due to John's great anger but God is bigger that that. I expect good things to come from all this somehow. I am in my doll house here with someone who is not my daughter. Miss Jenna helps a lot but could never replace Jessi. Fortunately the situation is not similar and there is no competition for my daughter's position. Many things have changed since we bought this tiny house and took our losses but one thing never will. I will remember our precious time with Jessi and how much she helped us at the LaValle house...but now is now and she is gone and will not return until early spring. Winter is coming and she never loved the cold. So Georia gains and WI loses for now...I have things to do and people to help so I will stay busy and occupied. Just trying to keep my head above water financially will keep my attention. Goodby is always hard but oh those wonderful reunion!

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