Friday, November 9, 2007

A week has passed!

Somehow I have gotton through this was filled with time and money stealing events but I am resting at Suzanne's again and breathing easier. It was all about getting ready for Jenna's surgery, having Progress Evals at Dr. Emmet's and added emergencies! I worked in the office but the printer was having a fit and printed wing-ding for 40 minutes, then finally I was able to print half the bulletin. The other half awaits my return.
The best was shopping at Goodwill today...bought such lovely things for less. Christmas gifts are nearly done. Only the hard ones boys and Jack. The girls are a snap!
Karah's birthday is tomorrow and we are having a small thing for her here tonight with a friend. I have brought a great gift for her. A "chapter book" for me to read when I am here to both her and Demetrius. Then another book and best of all a wonderful picture frame that says "Someone loves you" on the frame and a picture of Jessi holding her cheek to cheek! Karah and Jessi Lynn are starcrossed for sure!
The surgery is over and Jenna is intact though will need a C-section if she ever gives birth but at least she can...she is still in the hospital and in major pain from the surgery. If they do not release her tonight they will in morning and I will go and get her. Her dad did show up at the hospital and Sarah was there. She left this morning after staying with Jenna at the hospital. I went home and did some other important things (like sleep for one)!
Jonathan's mother is here painting Karah's room delicious lavender and she is doing some special effects...Jonathan is having a weekend in lock-up at detention. Pray for that boy please! He is angry and hard to handle and his gramma is in intensive care after a coma. Mom is trying to fill the gap and it isn't really working.
I forgot my camera but oh well. There is always next week...

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