Friday, November 30, 2007


It was all it could be and I took it all in and absorbed the look and feel and sound of those who came all the while trying to make it pleasant and worth the trip. The turkey was tender though served a bit later than planned due to my having to run to the store before beginning. Jams got lost but was soon righted and came to the door. Ira was fagged but he only got a couple hours sleep. He was ready for a night's sleep when the festivities were over. I love the fact that Thanksgiving means a couple days of time with the kids and others I enjoy and love. It is somewhat of a marathon and how I always love the chaos of family despite the things that do tend to come up. Small issues can become larger ones it is true but I do love the feeling of holiday. My life has been changed forever by the turns of destiny but I may cling to this tradition of a big meal, a bountiful table setting, gifts and pictures to enjoy later. Time with each if possible during the weekend and a hug here and there as they can be spared. I enjoy the children, their foibles and energy. I got popped one by Beck and though I couldn't laugh as his parents would have smited me into the dust it was so remniscent of Ira smacking Grampa Jim in the face when he was tiny...I think my presence was slightly intimidating to the darling boy. Grammas should be softer perhaps as Dana is but here I am the Joan d'arc of celebrations and noise and chaos loving the interactions and grabbing moments to keep in my heart forever. Ashley and Jessica have indeed become my daughters though indeed they still have their own families...I find them delightful. Oh and Jams was so wonderful with the kiddies and I love watching her work her magic. The missing of Jessi Lynn was very real but I bore it well. She is free to follow her star and avoid the very thing I adore as in it can be the most bone chilling of hurts as well as a passel of memories...But not to have her here was a loss. Suzanne bore up under my taking over and became a wonderful support for me only giving me one small lecture regarding an issue with one of mine whom she believes I should bear down on with a message of reality. I took it well and am still considering the value of following her advice.. Peggy was a help and seemed to enjoy the moments I savor. Mom apologized for not being able to "do this sort of thing anymore" as if she ever did and I gently told her it was my party and not to think a thing of it as no one wanted her to overdo in her 80's. All in all it went well and it is over for another year. My only regret is the pictures taken for our Christmas card were simply not right so we had to have a redo on another day at another party (smaller it is true) but they are done now. Winding down to a slower Christmas with complete lack of chaos. So what are you thankful for? Every day is time for thanksgiving but there is only one Thanksgiving Holiday Celebration!

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