Friday, November 30, 2007

I hear the sound of Christmas!

So as I tune in to "Santa Baby" and "Mary Did Your Know" and all the oldies and hymns that ring out during this advent season and even hear my daughter's sweet Christmas song "Santa Claus and Jesus" online (I await the CD!) I think of the wonderful foods that remind us of the season.
I often think about food. The savory and the sweet that we prepare with love and present to please our loved ones. This Susan Branch Cookie Recipe is a good one, almost as good as Suzanne's Moravian Cookies. Sigh!
So let us enjoy it while we can and make it healthier when we bake but bring out the wonderful smells and tastes of the season and let them be a further reminder that Jesus created us and died for us and prays for us even today! Let all our senses be reminded of His Birth and the celebration of giving. We cannot match His gift but we can give freely and with love. Cookies are a way to give!

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