Sunday, November 4, 2007

Crazy Weekend!

So I came I saw and I cleaned up...and then I forgot to turn the clocks back thereby getting to Lake City at 9:15 instead of 10:15 AM so went to Peggy's and let the kids be crazy for an hour. Later I talked to Mike and went to Woodmans to get groceries as they were to come for supper. That was the best laid plans of mice and men...the chicken did not get done on time and I made a cake that no one ate but me and Karah. Fiddle de de.
No sense cooking for Eliana she doesn't eat much. She did eat a single cooked carrot coin and was so proud and when I ate the same she hugged me and told me she was so happy I ate one. On arrival she flies into the house calling "Gramma! Gramma! Where are you Gramma?" and hugs me before going nuts over the hundreds of toys. I love her to pieces! Mike and Jessica were tired and so was I but we got on okay.
Mike ran 2 sepereate spy ware checks on Suz' computer and they took of thousands of spy ware which could have potentially stolen her credit card or whatever. So then he ran a virus check as well. So it was not all in vain. Food channel was on with wild cakes being made in shape of Pianos etc. They left to go grocery shopping with Eliana wailing and tired not wanting to leave.
We cleaned up and did a mess of dishes then.
Meanwhile I wonder if Jessi made it okay to St. Louis. She was slowed down in her travels by that concert/party thingy in Minneapolis. It was a disappointment as not many paid the high price for the VIP Party...but oh well...if she learned something it will all be worthwhile in the long run. I pray she keeps learning and growing along the way.
Jams is babysitting for wonderful loving kids and making a fortune. I like that for her!
Tisha had a wonderful day with rediscovery of a bath and she liked it. Will wonders never cease??? She is happily playing in her pen at present and the other two gave up and went to bed. It seems as if it were an especially long day.
A text message arrived this morning from Ira that Beck pooped in the potty (and Evie pooped in the bath.) Another day in the life of the grandkids as they grow and learn and just are kids. I am happy to be part of their lives anyway and anyhow.
Tisha's adoption court date is the day before Thanksgiving. I will be there to support Suzanne as best I can...So much to do and so little time! This life is crazy and I love parts of it immensely and other parts are just wrong so guess looking forward to Jesus coming is the only thing that truly makes any lasting hope in my heart. The rest is very fleeting and not dependable. He is a sure and solid thing to build a life on. I am so ready to rest tonight, When Tish gets tired I want to be ready to sleep. Yawn!

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