Friday, November 9, 2007

A Cuppa and a Friend...

Nothing is so calming and lovely as a well set table (simple is fine) and the little things that indicate caring. Like a tablecloth, a tea pot, sweetener and creamer if need be, spoons delicate and precious, tea-bag holders, napkins and a flower..perhaps a home baked sweet or a morsel picked up at your favorite bakery. I am not against a mug with water nuked but the effect is just not quite the same...but any port in a storm...don't let it stop you from coming together for a cuppa tea!
So I must be needing that lovely atmosphere in my life today. Lovely is just delighful to soothe the spirit and share some tidbit of wisdom the Lord has passed to you in the midst of the fray we are always in these days. A calm spot, a friends hand, the liquor of tea in a precious cup...oh my!

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