Sunday, November 18, 2007

Oh the Tea Oh the Tea Oh the Beautiful Tea!

So I mustered all my energy and drove up to MPLS to attend a tea and deliver supplements to increase Jams immunity and help her recover. We gathered all our fun and whimsical things and picked and chose then raced at the last possible minute to Cedar Valley and set up a table minus a few things we needed both to find and to buy. It looked promising and so many tables were just awe inspiring and lovely. Walmart helped and we located Gramma Evelyn's silver as Jams couldn't remember who borrowed her goldware. It was simply perfect! Jams put her red dress on and looked sooooooooooooooooooooooooo lovely (see for yourself...) and I dressed and tried to make my white hair look perky. As I did so Jamie asked if we could dye my hair again back to red and since I could seemingly deny her nothing at that moment I agreed.
Floated through the night, enjoyed each treat. Scones were served with Raspberry jam, Devonshire Cream, and Lemon Curd to dollop and boy did we dollop! Then came the fruit salad, followed by a lovely green salad with pine nuts and cranberries and oh my then the quiche. All the time much tea was poured, and conversation glowed with the candlelight. Our table held Jams and myself, Nina, Jan (missionary to Spain) Rachel and Sandy with her two daughters Sydney and Avary. Nice! This was followed by a program about sisters with the long favored song from White Christmas and the main speaker who spoke of "Reflections" and admitted to being a recovering "Hopeless Romantic" with many tales told of how it went wrong. Then came truffle and cheesecakey delight tiny and so easily consumed with more tea then they gave away door prizes and we cleaned up and floated to Walmart for my hair dye. Such a wonderful time!

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