Friday, November 2, 2007

Was Quite a Week!

Came down with sinus thing first, helped with the church Harvest Party and Feast, helped get Jenna lined up to have surgery next week, and worked, had lunch with a friend, tried to calm the beast in Jack who sure had a bad week and cleaned like mad at the house to make room for the additional person who stayed at Peterson's all week for sleeping as they were gone. I came down to be caretaker of children and hugged my youngest daughter goodbye for a couple months. I pray she has safe travel and that God blesses her and draws her close. It is her request that we have a late Christmas in January towards the end. I want to discuss this will Ashley and Jamie and all who would want to do this...maybe it will work. We could add some twists to it and create a tradition... more ingenuity than expense or something...Give me your thoughts if you read this... A night at Kalahari or some water park...
So at present I am making Chicken soup, my family favorite soup along with 2 others I like to create (potato with turkey ham and chili - 2 alarm). I am also nibbling at a pomegrante which I found at the grocers. I never really know if I like them but I love the idea of them!
Tish is sleeping yet and Metrie and Karah are across the street playing. I have to do the bills tonight and that is truly sad. I need 2 more jobs at least. The state that I am is really a state of alarm! But then I never let a thing like a bank balance get me down for long.
My new favorite store is Goodwill and 2nd is St. Vinnies. When I want to go upscale I run in to Marshalls and check the clearance still resonates but the echo of pleasure is gone..
Gone is where Jessi is.
Gone is where "Christmas as I once knew it" is.
Gone is where I got to be fancy free and full of fun.
So gone is what I have to adjust to. HELP ME LORD!
Well, off to the impossible job of balancing things out.

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