Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tagging Three with Three!

I am tagging Jamie, Ashley and Amberly for Three Recipes of Delightful Dinners they have had. Any Course will do! They in turn must tag Three and add the rule that those they tag must add one question or request to the tag. Great tagging Folks!
A Delicious Meal is an Easy Meal...
Use your crockery or stoneware and add thick cloth napkins and your everyday stainless utensils. Add ambiance with a centerpiece of fruits and veggies of the winter variety!

1.) Creamy Potato Soup for many:

A half a bag of Idaho taters- peeled and chopped bite size
Put them in a large pan covered with Cold Water & 2 tsp. salt then set them on the burner at medium heat
Chop finely one very large Vidalia Onion or 2 smaller sweet onions...
Chop one bunch of celery with the top leaves fairly small
Scrub and slice thin one small bag of full sized carrots
One Jennie-O Turkey Ham chopped in bite sized bits

Saute (in a large fry pan) the Onion/Celery and one or two cloves of garlic in a small amount of olive oil and sprinkle with Cayenne pepper lightly as you stir. When the onion gets a slight translucent look add to the potatoes. When the whole mess is nicely simmering add the Turkey Ham. When all is cooked through add one can of evaporated milk or soy milk ( original not vanilla) to make a creamy soup. You can then make a roue by putting 3 tbsp EVOO in that same fry pan and add enough flour to make a thick paste (can be soy/rice or spelt flour if need be) and brown it just a teensy then add while stirring vigorously with a wisk to the soup and it should thicken slightly. Taste and add more salt to suit and additional cayenne pepper. It should be slightly spicey but not overwhelm the palate. Serve this soup with crusty bread/biscuits or crackers even corn bread is nice.

2.) Venison Stew

Can use beef if need be...
Take small pieces of tenderloin ( 1+ pound) and dredge in flour then saute in EVOO at a medium heat.
Chop veggies that suit you but it must have 1 cup chopped onions and at least that much finely chopped celery. I like Carrots/butternut squash/Celery/Parsnips/zuchinni or whatever suits to equal 3 more cups veggies. {I prefer not adding cabbage type veggies to this particular stew. The flavor is just not compatible.} Cook the entire stew with plenty of liquid ( organic beef broth is nice) and spices to taste. A bay leaf is nice but pull it out before serving and salt pepper and cayenne in moderation. Garlic is so healthy and adds flavor as well. When veggies and meat simmering nicely add brown rice ( 1 cup or as it seems right. It will triple in size) and let simmer for 45-50 more minutes. Serve with home made whole grain bread and butter!

3.) Beef Roast with Veggies

This is great for cooking while at church or out for several hours. Choose a nice Chuck Roast of high quality about 3 pounds or a roast you particularly like and braise it in a bit of oil. It should be browned on all sides. (Note: Even round Steak can be pounded and rolled up to roast size but only braise after rolling and tying with string. Use your creativity!) Put in oven at 350 in a roaster with 1 1/2 cup hot water and pepper the top nicely. Cover, after 1 hour or more if roast is larger then add veggies. Red potatoes, carrots, parsnips, onion make a wonderful addition and the onions if smaller can be peeled and left whole or sliced in quarters if larger. Do not chop veggies unless they are very thick carrots then slice in half but leave long. (Don't ever use the baby carrots as they have little flavor for roasting.) Roast at 350 for 1 and 1/2 more hours or if you are to be gone longer this can all be put in the slow cooker and it will be tasty and nice. Pop in some rolls to serve with this meal and don't forget the horseradish on the side or Ketchup if you have kids! The broth makes a pleasant gravy to ladel over the veggies on your plate.


Mrs. B. said...

Such comfort foods you have listed! I posted mine. Now we wait for the others! :)

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Thanks for doing it! Send me a link if you get responses ok?