Friday, January 25, 2008

Sometimes Life Comes at You Hard!

I have been "ready" for almost anything but yesterday I found myself knocked flat. I have had every kind of thing happen to me this last year I thought. Oh how wrong I was. This one took my heart and pierced it though. I am bleeding inside. No sleep for me. Is it about me? Only that I want to honor God and see my kids honor God and know His character so much that they do not want to disappoint Him or be seperated from Him. I know the scriptures well from many years of studying and reading. It cannot be twisted to convince me to make black into white. I am sad and devestated but my love is even stronger than before...for Him and for them. The Lost is floundering in error and pain seeking pleasure of any kind to find relief and they need Jesus more than breath or money or sobriety or food or their hearts desire... and this thing I just went through teaches me again that it is all about the Kingdom of God. NOW!


Mrs. B. said...

We have been praying for you. Things will look brighter as time goes on. God is ALWAYS good.

Lyndee said...

Thanks so much for your prayers. When people pray for me I find it uplifting long before the answer actually comes. We agree about God!