Saturday, January 12, 2008

Trying to Stay in the Resolute Mode

I made some resolutions and then all hell broke loose, so every temptation to let it all go has ocurred and to tell the truth it has kept me from living tight but not deterred me from the intentions or the goals. I have many things to consider as I try to walk a walk of self-discipline. I need to stay steady and focused even in the sight of my life. I am so grateful for God's help and the people around me as well. Every test has an end but it does seem there are a lot of tests. Jack is falling a lot and his memory is worse and worse. I wonder what would happen if Jenna was employed and away from the house for long stretches? He fell tonight (they always report in) and it took Heather and Jenna to get him up. He was pinned under the rocking chair and he said he just went to pick up his hankie off the floor next to his recliner. The rocker is across the room. It all seems a bit much but I don't want to put him in a nursing home if there is any way to keep him from it. He is happier at home being crabby than he is living in a nice nursing home and feeling lonely and rejected. I just hope it works. I resolve to keep trying to get healthy and make this mess work!

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