Friday, January 25, 2008

Hats I Have to speak

so my daughter in law put up a list of 4 jobs she held and which she liked best; I am going for 14 minimum after all I am older: These are my for pay jobs...
1.) Avon Lady/Mary Kay Lady
2.) Model Home Hostess
3.) Go-Go Dancer
4.) Food Waitress
5.) Bar Maid
6.) Cleaning Lady
7.) Nanny/Housekeeper
8.) Assnt. Manager of Shoe store
9.) Giftshop/Coffeebar Attendant
10.) Grocery Clerk
11.) Factory Worker
12.) Church Secretary
13.) Mineral Spa Bath Attendant
14.) Cook/Bartender
I liked each job enough to keep it awhile but Church Secretary and Giftshop/Coffeebar attendant are my favorite ones to date...
Soon I may add a new one who can tell???


Mrs. B. said...

I love this. Have I told you before that you are the most interesting person I know? :) In a GOOD way!!!

Lyndee said...

Thank you honey chile! I think you rock too!