Sunday, May 1, 2011

Buster and Bird at The Barrington

This Pug comes each day his owner works and spends time with the residents. This is Buster! Everyone loves Buster.

The Barrington has a bird. Bright and cheery this little guy is in a plexiglass cage for all to view.

This is a close up! It followed me and my camera around the cage as if to say... "Take my picture."

Jack is not smiling yet but he is watching me carefully and listening to what I tell him. I am asking him to be patient.

This is the open area, the kitchen is behind the wall and yet still open so all may feel a part of whatever is going on. The TV blares on with some asleep near it, in chairs on on the love seats. They have promised many activities but so far I only see a few playing cards or drinking coffee. They don't even have tea available. I went through all the cupboards and finally found a lone English Breakfast teabag. No creamer either. I shall have to buy some tea and creamer to keep there for me. I invited a lady named Katherine who was muttering down the hall that no one would talk to her, to have a cuppa with me and she said went surprisingly well. Short but very civil and that is not something you can assume with these residents.
Mike and Jenna went there when there was a violent take down of Jean by a resident named Violet. Scared Jack and made eyes pop. Finally it was taken care of. I haven't identified Violet yet but do know Jean well from before she was moved there. She does seem to try the patience of many. They all seem to like Jack so maybe if it takes awhile he will learn that he is liked!

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