Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Visit with My Grands and a Reunion.

My daughter in law Jessica is going down to Nashville to help my daughter Jamie who is having a struggle keeping food down and maintaining hydration in her pregnancy. So I wanted to see the kids as they could be gone for a month or longer. Jessi Lynn had been up to my place helping me with a ton of projects. So she wanted to see the kids too. Off we went after visiting Jack in the Dells. We were both tired from 2 long days of tote that barge and paint that wall....She had not seen the kids for a long while so it would be a reunion. Exciting!

Eliana being seven when the camera comes out she makes a funny face. I love it!

Busy little man. He zoomed about like superman with his cape for awhile and after they had shown Jessi every toy that they could think of they began an art project.

She got into the project!

I cannot tell you how grateful I am that Jessica had it on her heart to support Jamie in this time of great need. Lance had recently taken time off for his knee repair and of course wants to have his family medical leave at the time the baby is born and I am wrapped up in caring for Jack so this was an answer to prayer.

I sat on the sofa with my legs up and watched. Taking the occasional picture with the packed suitcases as a backdrop. It was nice to converse with Jessica and let Jessi carry the ball with the kids. They all had fun and speaking for myself I am going to miss these weekly visits I have managed to have lately. They will be taller and smarter and more mature when I next see them no doubt!

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