Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Barrington

Jack sitting in his smaller room. His TV is hooked up but it holds little interest for him. He often watches the weather channel.

I did my best to put it together so it would be like before somewhat.

His drilling Rig and the Torch Singer Bear are right there to remind him of his favorite things.

This is the dining area and they congregate there as the rooms are small and mostly just for sleeping or resting. Very few have their own TV.

I have not gotten a smile out of Jack since we moved him. He hates it and wants out. I am trying to let him know I hear him and agree we need a better situation. He is supposed to get better care there and I hope it soon begins to give evidence of that as they get to know him. If they even can as he is not communicating well.
I spoke to his nurse from Care WI again today as I ran into her at the grocery store and asked her to make certain our names stayed on the list to move to Reedsburg. That is all I can do but be his advocate and reassure him verbally and pray that his name comes up. I am sad that he is so unhappy.


Roseann said...

His room looks nice. the best thing you can do is be his advocate, and pray. I think we will see a smile out of him!

My thoughts are with you. I know we had similar situations with Michael. I know we had situations with Michael that he loved. Those are the times I need to remember.... Not the ones he did not like, but know I did my best to try to make his life good.

I admire you Lynda for you Faith and endless determination to give your husband, Jack, the best care possible. My thoughts and prayers go out to You!!


Sharon said...

That is where D.G. stayed and it ended up being very good for him. he was so depressed when he went in but he was able to visit with people he knew from the Dells.You have been and will be a super blessing for Jack. We will keep you both in our prayers.

Mrs. B. said...

I'm so sorry that he's sad. I hate that. :( I hope he'll soon realize he's being taken care of and he feels loved. We love him so much and wish we could make visits to him a regular occurance. xo to you and jack.