Sunday, May 29, 2011

Out Back....and I don't mean Australia

This view is from my shed looking across the new burn pit that has not been tested yet. Note I have put my patio table out back this year and the umbrella won't be for sun but to keep the potential of ticks dropping out of trees. I did find one on my old dog who lived out there for 5 years so I want to be alert to possibilities. Do you see the Bridal Wreath bush on the back of the house? I remember a bush like that at my gramma's house in La Valle long ago. We used to play wedding with old curtains in front of that old bush. Kids are fun. If they come to gramma's house now that I have the honor I want to have curtains and other dress up clothes for them to pretend with. Such fun!

I had Jenna put up the post for a bird feeder several years back. We couldn't figure out how to build it so last fall I found a fun yellow feeder at a sale. It was well used but then so am I so it deserves to keep on and feed those birds. They have found it and are telling their friends as well! I have black sunflower seeds in the glass one hanging off the side and I put a tinkly wind chimes on it as well. Bella is not sure she wants the birds eating out of it. She stands rather alert and looks as if she might take action when she sees them.

Jenna's dad had an old gas station on his property and they knocked much of it down. Some of the cinder blocks were in good shape and so we hauled them to my back yard for a burn pit. Due to the shape of the blocks I made it into a rectangle rather than a circle. I think is should be lovely!

Near the bird feeder is my stone bird bath. I do have to carry the water from the back of the house unless I get a longer hose, but I don't mind. I put a pot of flowers and a mini fence around it to match the bird feeder. I am not done decorating yet but I have gotten a great start. Of course now the backyard must be policed for doggy doo every day or so. No one wants to spend time out there with Vicks up their nose to stand the smell. I do have Vicks for the ultra sensitive though.

I hung a birdhouse on the fence. I already have birds nests in my eaves.
Don't my Lilacs look like they are going somewhere at last. The back yard lilacs are protected and are twice as tall and bushy as the front yard ones.
So for now I am well satisfied.


Jennalu said...

Now for some things on the fence. Looking good love!

Jamie Willow said...

it is all lovely! good job ma.