Thursday, May 19, 2011

Birthday at the Zoo

It was sunny and windy but I didn't care. I love the zoo but more than all the animals I loved watching Eliana and Mikey enjoy them. I loved the family feeling and the way my mom and John joined us for a short time. It was a gesture of love.

Eliana had a wonderful braid in her hair which helped her in the wind. Mom is good at those.

She is a beautiful little seven year old. I love her excitement and love of the animals. She likes the reptile building although I must admit she hated the cockroaches in a glass box. They were huge and ugly!

A bit of a 'stand up and see how I look' picture.

Daddy had his little guy and he sure enjoyed the sights.

At the end I brought the bag of gifts. She made quick work of the clothes and books but maybe got a kick out of the stuffed animal. She will enjoy the clothes more when she gets to wear them and I know she loves to read now that she can. I went home happy that our time had been a success!

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