Friday, September 14, 2007

Tisha Tasha Misha Masha

Oh, it is exciting to excape my regular life of Church Secretary, Wife and the one who holds it all together and come to Madtown and become "Nanny Extraordinaire" for 3 very special kids. When I arrived I carried in all my belongings for the 3 days and checked in with S before she left for work. She noted that Tisha was now not wearing her helmet regularly. She was still napping so I had to wait for the surprise. Her hair was trimmed shorter! And she is in a new stage where she clings and likes affection and holding. I saw that one coming and it is a developmental advance. The therapists are ready to give Tisha one more choice on her communication board as sometimes 2 choices are just not enough. Go Tisha Tasha! Now if we could just tempt the child to eat real food...The other kids are doing well too, enjoying school and maintaining some healthy rivalry at home. It is all good!

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