Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pestilence Sucks!

Warning: Read this blog at your own risk...grave danger of itching ahead...

Oh, How yucky it is to discover the children you are caring for have a dread condition. I remember daycare blues with LICE but this is a first for me: dreaded "scabies". I have no bumps but oh Metrie has a regular camp of them in areas indelicate, as well as all other general areas. S got a "grande" case of them as well and we are treating all and warning others who may have been exposed to the nasty skin burrowing critter. Now you do not need to read this blog if you have not been here but if you have then read on...

The medicine is available only by prescription but if you have a doctor or pediatrician just telling them you have been truly exposed my get you the deal... Permethrin cream which you apply to all areas from chin down and including between toes and fingers then leave on for 12-14 hours and wash off. It is a runny 'easy to apply' cream and does not feel wierd or gooey. All in household should be treated. The incubation for scabies is 4-6 weeks so just when you have totally forgotton is when the bumps appear.
Please look this up online (listed to the right) for a scare that ranks alongside "Halloween the Movie" but in real life they are just itchy bumps that you should not let go for a minute as they burrow and reinfect a new area leaving ich and a trail. 10-20 Scabies will wreak havoc on your body and that is normally what you get.
I am sad to be the one sending this news to you but better facing the dragon than ignoring it. Nasty stuff. Anyone can get it but do not mention it to the "general public" or they will run screaming and health officials will appear from the woodwork asking you if you are a responsible adult and treating this 'anyone can get it' type scourge. Humbly I venture forth imploring you to do pre-treatment as prevention of the full blown deal.

I have a sinus thing going on so today is my down day here in Madtown. I am cleaning the house very slowly paying kids to h elp with small change and taking much oregano oil, V-C and Virastop as well as acidolpholis. By the way...I caught this virus from 30 people who exposed me (sneezing, coughing and touching me with virusy hands) but luckily do not have to call everyone who might have been in my presence for the last 48 hours. Blah!

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