Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dinner for 10 plus Conversation

What a wonderful day! Even though I haven't felt top notch lately I really wanted to take care of Eliana so Mike and Jessica could get out and have a "movie date". So they came and Eliana was fun and we did well most of the time. They did tell me to have her take a nap...well you can lead a horse to water but this place is simply too new and full of toys...she did well to lay down and have me read to her.
Later Mike and Jessica returned and it was good. Supper finally got prepared (am sometimes sidetracked...) and Peggy came with her girls. I did have to run over to Madison to pick up Metrie from his grammas...but that was fast. The whole evening was semi wild and generally entertaining after that. Kids here there and everywhere and great conversations went on in the living room. I missed some but that's okay someone had to break up potentially bad things in the back room and keep some semblance of order in the kid chaos. Mike says I am controlling like that...and he is right on! If it escalates too high someone ends up hurt so I was the troubleshooter.
Tisha loved the interactions and danced her way through the evening in the midst of us all. Everyone is getting used to each other and there is less attention paid to differences. Jordan did take a liking to Mike and bugged him every chance she got. He teased her when he wasn't ignoring her and that was perfect to keep her at full attention...
Karah was kind enough to send one of her babies home with Eliana to come back in two weeks when I am again able to babysit for my grandaughter joyfully. She left giving hugs and smiling.
I am content.

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hi mama! I luv your blog are one pretty lady! smooches,