Wednesday, September 19, 2007


So my patience was for today! D E came over and set up my wireless router so I can use my laptop from anywhere in the area! I am thrilled! It has taken forever to get my room in shape I could have someone come in and actually set it up. I am tickled pink! If I were home I would be on it but I am not so I am on S's!

Now if I can just get used to using the silly fingertip thing instead of a mouse...but you can get used to anything right???

Am still in Madtown helping S as she simply cannot lift Tisha out of crib or anywhere. She won't go to urgent care as she thinks it is just a sprain but wants to get a wheelchair and have it here for these times..nurses know what is best right? Well they are stubborn about getting medical attention and I can relate to that as my thumb is still a live wire after 2 weeks. These things will teach us something. It taught me to take care of little things the correct way soon so they do not turn into a big thing and interupt all my plans...Oh well, plans are made to be changed if you ask me. Still we must have our plans, hopes, dreams and schemes. I am about to go read with kids to improve their skills. We were in the car way toooooo long with Tisha so she will be up til the cows come home...

By the way got to practice cutting hair on S today. Can't say I am any better than I ever was though. She insisted or I would have begged off. I only do a few basic butcher jobs...just ask my daughters! She is now wearing the newest style called a "bob". It is slightly longer than my other style called a "butch"!

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