Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Three times in One hour?

So today I was to come to Madison and help S so she could do in-services at work and then take an evening shift. So I hurried and when I arrived I found her on the phone cancelling her shift as she had fallen and sprained her ankle and it was beginning to swell.

Then the school called and Karah had fallen off the monkey bars and they were going to put her arm in sling so she could stay at school and still feel cared for...

Next, within 5 minutes, Jenna called to tell me that Jack had fallen over his blanket and shoes again but was okay.

S is in much pain and has to use a walker to walk and Jack seems unhurt (I called and checked after about an hour.) Karah is still at school and they haven't called back so I assume she is doing okay. question in do these things happen in three as the superstitions would have it?

I don't know but just in case that is wrong would the rest of you please watch your step?

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