Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Am Motivated!

I was on the way home, almost to the house when it occurred to me that even though I have very few dollars left I wanted some flowers for my table. So I whipped into a parking place and stopped at a place on main that I used to go to more often. I entered and strode back to the cooler and looked at what was made up. Na! Then Dorothy's voice said "May I help you?" and as I turned she remembered me. I was friends with her when she was young but closer to her little brother Duwayne who was killed by climbing down in a hole during construction and that gas which you never know when it will build killed two of them. Sigh. It has been a few years and since then she lost a precious grand-daughter and later the husband of that woman died also, leaving an orphan. Said child is now the center of a huge lawsuit about grandparent rights.
Dorothy has known much sorrow in her life. I got my flowers and we talked deeply about our situations for a short time. She has read and re-read "The Shack" and we spoke of it as a healing book. I took my daisies wrapped so sweetly and tied with a bow and knew that God had spurred me to stop. My calling includes encouraging others who bear burdens almost too hard to bear but for God! Sometimes all I have to give is a  smile and an ear.

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Jamie Willow said...

love this mom, how special. the flowers will smell sweeter I think...