Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In the Throes of being Sifted

A day of testing, trials and temptations. I was tense and terse and close to a tempest of temper but I managed to somehow endure. My lawyer is not a good communicator and I am too ready to let the law office do as they want until....the unfortunate happens and it happens way too often when going through this maze. I am certainly glad I am not embroiled in a battle with court to face and have the same confidence in my lawyer (not so much) that I have now. Whew! This is much less stressful that that would be. I just wish it were other than what it is. Hopefully it will all be over but the trail of tears soon and very soon.
Adding to this day of reckoning in that department I must say I faced another disappointment and trial. Mentoring of women with serious emotional problems is a brave thing I have tried to do. Some efforts have resulted in positive benefits that I can see, others have had great and terrible disappointments in times of crisis as they return to the old ways and do not continue to watch their behaviors and check their motives. I have decided to pray more and say less.
This decision would benefit me when I am frustrated with my beloved husband in the midst of his struggles. This is my time of crisis and I need to watch my behavior and check my motives. Yup...Pray more and say less.

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