Monday, March 22, 2010

I think it was a better day...hmmmm...

Yesterday was hard. A list of things that we did included Church and pot luck after, nap for Jack and dishes for me, trip to a mall that was fruitless for the most part though I got some old navy jeans and a shirt, then Cracker Barrel for supper as we were tired and it was really late. A certain person who was along to the pot luck and to Cracker Barrel did not eat and just slept at the table and out in front of the church. If only I had my good camera with I should have loved posting that picture with the title..."Too much communion wine..." but alas no. I think this person is a bit spoiled and also doesn't take time to sleep enough so is always slightly manic...

Glad the problem is not mine to deal with regularly for I find I go into an old mode I lived in once when life had tempermental men around and drunks...a tightening happens around my gut and my spine gets stiff then I find myself becoming an avid conversationalist to detract from the spectacle. At least I am recognizing that the old responses are ready and willing to return at a moments notice.

Tonight I made dinner for Jenna and Mike as they had late Pre-marital counsel with Pastor Clark and we had planned a simple menu that Mike would eat. I have only seen or heard of him eating hamburger or beef roast with potatoes or bread but never a vegetable or salad or any other type of meat. Wow! Colon and health alert! But anyway I made exactly what he would eat and added a lovely complex salad for the rest of us. Jenna chose my hot olive oil for her dressing and sweated through two bowls of that lovely salad. Guess I made it hot hot hot!  

After dinner they left for Home Depot to continue the upgrading of a very old and damaged mobile home right on the home farm. Jack and I went out there today and I met about 13 cats and one with two baby kittens, I also petted a calf tied up in the corner of a shed and waved at her companion on the other side. I got to meet Mike's lovely, sweet mama who did her best to keep up with us as we looked through the mobile home together. She had lived there for many years and raised her two kids there in that tiny place. I know that Jenna can make this place into a home despite the mere 550 square feet.  The challenge will be daunting but think of the possibilities for simplicity! In my downsize I have learned much and it seems that I like my little place pretty well except when I want to have company to spend the night. Then it sucks royally. I do need a sleeping porch or a travel trailer parked near the door!

Jack seems to be resting well even though he tried to take a nap this afternoon until bath time. I do not think he ever really succeeded.I was busy cleaning and doing things of great importance. He certainly is not shy to ask for what he wants when he does not think he can get it himself. It is those independent actions that prove dangerous.

 Tomorrow 'we' have a whole list to accomplish by 4 PM. If things work as expected I shall have a used but working treadmill in the bedroom to begin using on Friday! Yeah! I have had many days home so am missing my godkids and grandkids. Hope this week allows me time with all!

My temper had a day off today and my night sleep last night was pretty good. Jack did yell my name loudly at 8 A.M. because he thought I was gone and I came out of the bed expecting to find him down but adrenalin was racing so I just groaned and got up! Tomorrow is another early day. (By the way 8 is early...I get up around 6 and always think 'nope gonna sleep some more'!)   Eight seems a very reasonable time to make coffee and open the shades and greet the day! Oh yes and I painted my toenails tonight. Yes, this has been a better day.


Jennalu said...

Ooo laa laa, pretty toes my dear! Pretty toes! Yes, I will make this place we are fixing up a home for Mike and me and all who come. I am looking at the big picture to keep positive and looking at how so so so small it is. It is paid for. It is a roof over my head. A place to sleep and take a nap. A place to show and take a bath. I have a place to cook, much to clean and clean up after, and a place to hang clothes outside. I have to reach from the top of the clothes line vs. reaching up as it is my mother-in-law's to-be height. I do hang most of the clothes there for her though. I am looking at the possibilities in this little humble abode. There will be two beds for company to sleep in. I am happy to be able to have that luxury as it is so important to me to be hospitable! I am glad you came to see our home to-be.

Jamie Willow said...

very fun to read ma...glad you had a nice day :)