Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Think I Drank Too Much Blushing Rose

I don't make a habit of siphoning a bottle of wine by myself but tonight I wanted to eat poblamo peppers with cream cheese and bacon. Delicious and tasty by the way and even better accompanied by a glass of Blushing Rose by  Wollersheim Winery (Sauk City, WI.)
So I am busy cleaning and updating on fb when my mom calls. I have had 3/4 a bottle by then and hadn't realized it as I was just drinking it when I passed by and kept working. Bad idea. Oh, too late to think about it, maybe I needed this night of total honesty with mom. It was good she knew I was drinking. I boldly told her I had a bit too much and was super talkative. We had the best conversation ever! Not just because I say so. She said she loved talking to me when I was so free and open. Ha!
I am totally spent and not because I am working so hard physically. It is more an emotional toll and I am willing to admit what part my emotions take in this I get so frustrated!!! Caretaking also has physical tolls and my back can get very stressed and hurting from steadying with all his weight and other rescue acts which are costly when you are missing a disc and not exercising very often. I was reading caretaker blogs this week and I want to be able to walk around the block and whip back here then go another direction so I am gone only about 15 minutes at the most and hopefully can trust Jack to sit on the porch while I am walking for that long so I can exercise more in a couple weeks. He is not very trustworthy but I am hoping beyond hope that it will work. If it doesn't I will invest in more duct tape!
My day trip to Waupaka was wonderful though we hardly did any shopping. Jack just couldn't stand it. I wanted to pick up something I had on lay-away and so did Jenna so our time was in the gallery with David. He rocks, by the way! What a trusting and kind man with a gift for gab. We both like him a lot. I think Pam liked him too when she went in there with me earlier. (Maybe she and I can go again sometime!)_So when our business with David was complete we ate at The North Woods Inn next to the Goodwill and the Lumberyard. It had good food and pancakes as big as the plate for Jack! Then we stopped at the Main Street Market where they carry some whimsey that we love. Kelly Ann Roberts Artwork and Dolly Mama along with lovely plaques full of fun! We looked, we tasted the fudge and we bought a few tiny lovelies plus those funny cards for the upcoming events! Lookout friends!
I am excited about Jenna's upcoming marriage and like her man pretty good. He is loving to her and that is the main point and 2nd he is very kind to Jack and I. I appreciate the help he gives us. They are going on a honeymoon in Door County and that is the best!
I have ordered them some wonderful sheets from Lori who is a longtime friend from long ago in the Tri-Cities, WA. They live in GA now though. These are sheets with 1,000 thread count for $40 a set any size  twin to king and  available in  11 colors!  They are good on mattresses that are 18 inches thick! I would post a referral if I can figure it out as I totally believe it is the best of deals! You can find them on facebook. Lori's Luxury Linens Plus. These  people are honest and will give you good service!
Oh my latest of time wasters is Swag bucks online. It is a search engine that pays you to search. I love it as I am always looking for new blogs to peruse! If you want to try it please let me refer you : I promise you will not regret it and after while you will love looking for ways to earn swagbucks online! You can get Amazon or Starbucks giftcards by earning points!
Highlites of my day were: talking to my daughter Jams and hearing Judah in the background. He was laugh /crying which he does so well. I love the kids to pieces! I look forward to seeing them this spring! Beck will be so big and fun and Evie a cute little mini-mama! Judah is the rapid growing adventurer who will surpise me with his tenderness I am sure! I have not seen them for soooooooooo long! Last July actually!
I adore my Eliana and Mikey who are in Sun Prairie. It seems so close but actually it is hard to get together with them. I work with kids so if anyone is sick I do not want to expose them. We have dogs there so it is hard to have a way to clean a lot and hide the dogs so Mike and Eliana are not compromised. Somehow it is not easy to spend an afternoon there with Jack and the wheelchair. Jack wants to rock and roll his chair and that poses a space problem and a possible injury for the baby. Mikey is just adorable and learning so quickly about all that he experiences! Eliana is very imaginative and conjures up many adventures when she is not wrapped up in the world of animation on tv or of wild animals which she later can imitate and play pretend.  School is fun for her and I am certain recess is her favorite class! She loves to play! She does adore her little "monkey" no, her brother "Mikey"!
My God kids and the foster baby Janasia take up some of my time and energy. I love each of them and pray for all good things in their final outcome. Janasia seems to be thriving under the care of Suzanne and the nursing staff. Our day nurse for Tues, Weds and Thurs is splendid. She loves Janasia and has no fear of using every technique to bless this kid. I think she can see as well as hear. The problem seems to be in organizing what she sees and hears to make good sense from it. Prayers are still coveted for her development and healing.
Truth be known though. Jack is my constant concern and only when he is sleeping early in the night before midnight am I safe to relax. After I actually go to bed any number of things actually can happen and they do! Last night he was trying to get ready for work at 4 AM! I awoke and talked him back into bed. Boo and then my adrenalin was raging. I did go back to sleep after awhile though.
My studio is looking better. The prospect of actually working on a project does not seem so far fetched now. Well, my wine flush is wearing thin and dishes are calling me. Then bed of course. Blessings on any who read my ramblings. I am enjoying my alone time and my down time tonight.  The walls are newly adorned and rearranged and though I was in my cups I was not too far gone. I appreciate my friends who read this rambly blog!

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