Tuesday, February 9, 2010

10 Caretaking tips!

1.) Be prepared to laugh. So many small funny things happen each day that you can chuckle or at least smile about. When you first get up each day ask for help keeping it light and eyes to see the smile in it all. Find funny books and articles, dvd's and audios to make your day!

2.) Do not live in guilt because you dislike your position or parts of your job as a caretaker. Give yourself a break from guilt. Find one or several people who you can be honest with, who will not judge you for your feelings and use them as a sounding board when you are bursting at the seams with frustration. Do not let the person you are caretaking laden you with guilt. Pass it off. Pray it off. Laugh it off...but get rid of it!

3.) ASK  for help. Just ask those who have told you they would help. Could be they can. Could be you could get a break. Don't give up. Find others in the same position and stay in touch with them. Network resources.

4.) Learn all you can about options available. Information can be your friend.

5.) Do something for yourself. Want flowers on your table? Don't wait for another to get those for you. Chances are they will never think of it. Budget those flowers in. Love to hang out in bookstores. Find a way to spend an hour at the library or a bookstore.  Need a massage? Schedule one in as often as you can.

6.) Get up and put on your makeup and spray yourself with something light and lovely. Wear a color that makes you feel beautiful!

7.) Sit with your pets if you have them. Borrow a pet for an afternoon and stroke or walk them.

8.) Find beautiful images to put up. If you think you are stranded on the island of caretaking at least let your eyes rest on beauty.

9.) Grow something, create something, write something, keep a journal!

10.) Put encouraging scriptures or quotes up where you can read them and change them often. What you plant in your mind will help you stay positive! Eradicate the negative and accentuate the positive!

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Jennalu said...

Dear friend-I praise God for you! You have come a long way in being a caregiver. I am proud of you for being strong even when it is one of the hardest things that you have done. Keep on keepin on friend. I am with you!