Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Making the Best of Things as a Way of Life

I find a lot has to do with how I handle the random thoughts that appear suddenly in my mind. Like "No one really cares!" which appears often. I have to back up and tell myself a few things.

1.) God cares. He sent His son Jesus to pay the price for my sins.
2.) Other people do care in varying degrees but they have not walked in my shoes so they do not recognise my needs.
3.) I have always been a giver, an organizer, a catalyst for fun, and even if on occasion I complained I appeared to have it pretty together and figured out. They may not know how to care for me.
4.) Perhaps this is my time to cling to the Rock and wait for the rescue.
5.) I must not ignore the ones he has alerted and are showing me they care. Just because I want attention from certain people I must take what is being offered with true gratitude.
6.) The devil wants me to feel abandoned and unloved. He lies.
7.) So, if I feel this way then "Others" may feel this as well. How can I show them that I care even if I cannot be with them or answer their needs?
8.) I can start by keeping my gratitude journal updated and find what is good, positive and  lovely. It may remind me of things that encourage me if I re-read some of the entries!
9.) I can find someone who likes to laugh and someone who likes to pray and ask for them to pray for my attitude and help me find laughter to banish the blues!
10.) I can refuse to dwell on that thought!


Jamie Willow said...

great list mom! love you!

Jennalu said...

Yes, this is a great list! I am glad that you are able to cling to the Rock and reflect on the Love of The Father! His love does shine and flow through you. Please know, there are some who may be the worst encouragers and yet it is their prayers held up to Daddy on your behalf that is getting you through! Hold on sister! You are loved and covered!