Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Drama and The Mundane

New Years Day brought a visit from Jenna's on-line friend Michael. They arrived from the airport at 7:40 PM and I had a lovely dinner prepared. Jack was very hungry and ready for bed but he managed to wait it out and was cordial and pleasant to Michael. Michael was born in Ghana and lived there til he was 9 but later was educated in London and later attended college in Holland. He is a Micro-biologist who is now in Deleware entering his Master's Program. His plans are to specialize in Genetics and get his Doctorate as well. This young man is goal directed in all areas of his life. He spent New Years Eve at a Watch-Night Service at his church. He wanted to start the year out with God.

After a repast of Roast Beef, Salad and Roasted Vegetables we passed a plate of Christmas goodies and served a cuppa tea. It was a pleasant meal. Then Jenna called Amberly and Jimmy to join us and meet Michael. That was perfect. Nothing like a darling baby boy to break the ice and get the smiles going. Jack was humorous Texas style and I grinned and poked him several times as he used me as straight lady. Christian won Michael's heart and we could see he is good with children. Conversation at the table had included the american public schools and how he finds them lacking compared to the ones in London where his cousins are being educated presently.

He seemed an interesting sort of fellow. I wondered what the short visit would decide for the two of them but even as he got on the plane tonight I am completely in the dark as to the nature of their time together and what it might have come to. It doesn't matter actually as I feel time is the best matchmaker in many cases. We all can meet and enjoy others in the Kingdom of God and realize that we are not alone in the world! I found it encouraging on a personal level.

My heart is still broken for the backsliders I love and want to see return to the Kingdom.
As Israel is engaged in warfare on the Gaza Strip I am watching the sky. Jesus could return any day!


Jennalu said...

I like your imput on Michael! We will talk about him soon! I am still processing what happened when I took him back to the airport! He is a man of God, no doubt in my mind or heart!


Mrs. B. said...

Looks like an interesting time! I know you love to meet new, interesting people :)