Saturday, January 31, 2009

I got mad!

And the bathroom got cleaned!
How do you deal with stress or anger or frustration?
Sometimes I might have poured myself a tall one or drove down a country road real fast but this time I went to the store and bought a mop...a new mop with anti-bacterial strings. I also bought some other cleaning items and some curtains on sale that will help insulate the window. I spent the day cleaning and organizing the room we all share whether willingly or unwillingly we have to share. I was bone tired when the day was done and the bathroom smelled so good. The blinds took 3 washings in the tub with first lysol then ajax dish soap then vinegar and water. I used hot water and soaked for a total of 4 hours til done. The floor the mirrors, the fixtures were spic when I was done and the shelving organized. I did have two boxes of stuff left-over to deal with but it is not on the shelves cluttering up. Jack falls way too often and pulled the bookshelf over one night and broke some glass. I wanted it safer and less cluttered. Besides I was uncluttering my temper at the same time. By nightfall the issue was framed in a positive light and I actually could laugh at my over-reaction to my husband the wheelchair massacre guy. My bathroom smells so good! Yeehaw!


Jennalu said...

It was great! Now being cleaned again!

Mrs. B. said...

I love when a temper tantrum turns into a clean bathroom/kitchen/laundry room...

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

How refreshing!. I just love a clean house it always looks so bright and dusted. Well until the next day when all the dust comes back.

Have a great day,