Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in WI

It is officially Boxing Day as I write early in the morning with Jack beside me drinking his coffee and trying to be quiet. We are in Madtown and all the rest are sleeping. The puppy woke me to go outside at 7:30 and I stayed up to download pictures and blog. Jack found me and here we are. Our Christmas was full and really an okay one. We had Amberly and Jimmy over for dinner on the 24th with entertainment by their baby Christian. I chose a simple menu of roast beef and veggies with a salad and yet was very tired just before they arrived. A few moments in a recliner to totally relax and I was up and full of vim and vigor for the holiday. We enjoyed good conversation with our food and then raced off to the Christmas eve service at the church. I do love that church and the candlelight service with Petersons and part of the congregation was just the ticket for a blessed Christmas. It is the one thing I really hate to miss on Christmas.
Home in the frosty air to open gifts with Amberly and Jimmy before they went off to the next celebration. We had been invited to Clark and Sue's but honestly by 9:30 I had gifts to wrap and dishes that needed doing so I texted my regrets and helped Jack go to bed. I finally fell in by midnight. Morning came and we had a special breakfast for just Jack, Jenna and I, packed the car to travel and opened our gifts for one another. Jack got me the 'MamaMia' DVD!
Soon it was time to leave. Jack and I waved bye to Jenna and came down to S's. I fixed a good soup with the chicken leftovers from the annual Quam open house she holds each year. Peggy and the girls came over and we had a feast. She brought a cherry cranberry pie and made the best corn muffins to go with the soup. It was a zoo but a fun one. S is still down with the nasty cold. I am a few days ahead of her in recovery so she has not voice and it is in her chest. I am still nasally and stuffed up but otherwise functioning. (No one else has it. Yeah!) Soup was good for both of us.
The dishes were done by 10 and the pup walked the last time by 12. A good night for me! Peggy and the girls got me a manicure set and some tasty goodies. Suzanne and Karah got me Burt's Bees stuff. Nice!
Today we look forward to going to mom's for a celebration and meal. Tomorrow back to Reedsburg where I still have some preparation for Life Connections class on Sunday and some chickens to cook for a time with Mike and Jessica on Sunday at their apartment. I have gifts and Jack is looking forward to getting to watch Eliana open hers. Kids are such a kick! Little Christian is a favorite of ours and he was so pleasant on Christmas eve and even slept through the candlelight service. I am so grateful for Ash sharing the pictures on Snapfish of their holiday. I felt somehow a part of it. I have been at her mom's house so the pictures were a good reminder of her pleasant and warm hospitality and decorating style. It is good to know the "in-laws"!
Our Christmas celebration time would not be complete without a time with the Peterson family and we look forward to that meal and melee of gifts for the kids on Tuesday evening at 5. I feel fortunate to have them in my life and nearby. I am a sort of grammy to them.
Test messages floated in through my day yesterday and I got a "Merry Christmas" from Ira, Jams and Jess plus some from friends as well. All in all (without obsessing on the seperation from my kids by distance) I am pleased with this Christmas. I will not let myself go into what I lack but concentrate on the many blessings I can count this Christmas and every day when I choose to sit to write my gratitude list. Merry Christmas to you all and God Bless!

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Jennalu said...

My dear friend, thank you so much for the blessed Christmas you gave to me!! Much love and appreciation!!