Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thanksgiving was great!

We went afar for a family fun time!
Nashville or bust I said...well I got the flu on the way after being with sickies all weekend before we left. So forced to stop at a Super 8 somewhere in Illinois I unloaded while fighting the urge to unload more and made it in with Jack before the truly bad 8 hours began. The next day I forced myself to get up and move it out. When we arrived in Nashville I was mostly better.

Oh how fun to see Jessi and Jamie first thing. They helped us get in and unload the car. I brought gifts for all and they lined the corner of the dining area off their living room. It was so exciting to be there and see the beautiful house where Lance and Jamie live. Jamie looked thin and lovely and by golly so did Jessi Lynn. Lance got there late and they opened the envelope from the ultra-sound. Then they tortured us watching a 30 minute video of the ultra sound with the sex of the baby clear at the very end. It is a boy!

The next day brought the arrival of all the others. Ira and Ashley got there in the night and brought their sleeping kids up to waiting porta cribs. In the morning I was so excited to see all. Beck and Evie were cute as ever and full of sweetness. In the evening Jessi and Lance retrieved Brandy from the airport. My heart my heart!

Thanksgiving day was a day for relaxing and later a supper of Lasagna, salad and garlic bread at the beautiful table. We did the actual Thanksgiving meal a day late and that made it so easy and fun. Lance is a virtual energizer bunny and did have coffee and breakfast ready each morning. Jack's bedroom was a lovely futon on the lower level in the den ( soon to be baby's nursery) and so my upstairs bedroom gave me much needed rest. Lance gave Jack his breakfast before I even meandered down. That was a godsend for me and I really got rested!

So we put the turkey in at 7 a.m. and it was fine at 2 p.m. The menu was turkey, stuffing, mashed dilly potatoes, whipped sweet potatoes, tater- tot casserole with green beans, corn and cranberries. So traditional and simple. I enjoyed the whole day! What a black Friday. We played fun games in the afternoon. Spoon and egg carry for the kids and wheelbarrow races plus egg toss for the adults. Lance was a fun Host! We opened the Thanksgiving presents after dinner and before pie. Everyone got something nice.

Later that night we took a trip to the Opreyland Hotel and walked a mile and another mile and another but oh how beautiful it was! Jack stayed home and slept while we went on the adventure. We saw a Christmas show and so many beautiful lights.

Lance took us out to some fun boutiques and stores too and I found a cake carrier from the 50's.
Ash found a cook book holder made from white painted iron and an adorable cellulose doll from the 50-60's for her kitchen window. Treasures from a trip are even more special!

So eventually Tuesday rolled around and Jack and I hit the road at 10:30. We made it to the same Super 8 by dark and stayed a better stay that night and got home Weds. afternoon. We are now back to normal and the trip is a pleasant memory. Pictures are ordered and memories will be forever when we are reminded. Playing soccer with Beck and watching him go crazy excited when his little sister opened her birthday gifts. We celebrated Evie's early with Ashley's on Saturday. Evie carried around a "baby" as big as she is. Gramma loves to give gifts! Ashley got a set of silverware that she needed and I got a subscription for her to Mary Jane's Farm magazine.


Jennalu said...

It is good to some news on your trip Lyndalu! I am waiting to hear all about it as I know I was over my head in homework when I got back from chiro and you two where here and gone again!

Love you!! I am so happy you had a wonderful time!!

Mrs. B. said...

:) I got my MaryJanes Farm magazine today! :) :) :)
I didn't know who had sent it...but it didn't take much imagination to figure it out.
Thank you soooo much!!!