Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Wonderful Wintery Day!

It is quiet time here at Suzanne's. Spongebob is on and the kids each have a couch. Tisha is in her room and no longer upset. She would not let me do the dishes so I put her away for awhile to mellow out. The dog is in his cage and out the big family room doors and windows it is blowing and cold.
I go pick up more kids by 5 so this is my last moment to rest and relax. Natch I am on the computer and lovin it!
I will add to my bloglist later when I can take more time but at least put one up. Followers please add to my list. I hate to be so singular.
Jack called me awhile ago and he sounds cozy and doing fine. Jenna is catching up on her homework today. Peggy is getting out of the hospital and hopefully in time for the "Go Fish" concert tonight. Lewcie is coming here to play with Demetrius. Tonight is bath night for all. Tomorrow is church and lucky me gets to take a bundle of kids. I do like being Godmother and Mary Poppins too.
Being a gramma is a full time job!


Jennalu said...

Oh my, just battled the old man in back yard. Half done and I am all done in! Thought before I continue homework, I would check your blog! Oh my goodness I haven't laughed so hard till I cryed in a too long time! That picture is so adorable of ninners and babe! Oh my goodness!! Lynda, you are awesome, I am so moved by this picture!!

Thanks! Jennalu

Mrs. B. said...

Can you email me Peggy Q's address? Sending out cards!